Is luck really a determinant of wealth?

I just read an article that suggests luck as being a primary catalyst for becoming super wealthy. You can find the article here. After reading I had a lot to say to comment but unfortunately I couldn’t, so I decided to write something to correct or at least challenge the idea.

First, what’s all the noise about a very few number of people in the world being ultra rich? Wealth in itself is a responsibility. Everyone claims to like the reality of it but only very few people understand the responsibility of it. There will always be a small number of people owning a significant percentage of the wealth in the world. And the reason is not because life is unfair, rather it is because growth must be kept on the right pace. If you ask the average person today, his spending plans does not favour the growth and development of the world. Most just want to have this and buy that. Even among those who you think want to create, they see through their own eyes only.

Warren Buffet once said that he understands that a lot of things come together in his favour for his success. For example, the fact that he was American. Which implies that if he knew what he knows and had his start in a not-so-good country, he may not be where he is today. But here is the other side of the story, if he were in the backside of the world with what he knows and has a drive or hunger for success, he would rise (opportunity by opportunity) and get to where he is in the world today. It might take a longer time, but if his mind is made up and he gives it all the skill and wisdom it takes, the result will be the same (if not better).

There are those who are wealthy by chance. But always it is about the right navigation of opportunities. The right navigation of opportunities is what is responsible for the super wealth some people enjoy in the world today. So, if you want to be super wealthy, first ask yourself; what do I want to do with that wealth? That is because if it’s just to enjoy and have a good life, you don’t need billions of dollars. If you have billions of dollars it is a responsibility on your neck to think forward for the world. Getting there is not by luck, it’s about the right navigation of opportunities.

Those who acclaim their success to luck are those who got the right navigation perfectly by accident. You must understand that our lives are connected to each other in this world. Everyone in the world is walking in this labyrinth of opportunities. There are paths that lead to super wealth but (as it stands) it is just for the few. No two persons can follow exactly the same pattern in the labyrinth. So, the choices and decisions of some people affect other people more than we know it. So some people must walk in the path of this super wealth. Every position has to be filled by someone. Therefore if there is nobody who is purposeful about navigating correctly into the super wealthy status, the position cannot be vacant. Some people will be caused to walk into it by chance. Every position must be occupied. Just because some people have been lucky doesn’t mean luck is the criterion. If you truly want the responsibility of having billions of dollars, you can navigate yourself into it opportunity by opportunity.

Very few people are deliberate about their lives. This is the fact responsible for the economic condition of many. People want to be the same person that they are on the $5,000 level and be trusted with $10M. The rise of models, TV celebrities and sport stars have given the public this illusion. So, it’s not about skill, IQ, academic qualifications, etc. Rather it is about recreating oneself for the future desired and correctly navigating the opportunities that comes towards it.

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