Irony of Morality in an Islamic Community

You may find it hard to believe but it is what it is

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Odd encounter

One day, my roommate and another colleague went into the town to buy underwear shorts. They roamed all they knew through the market but they couldn’t find any. So, my roommate got curious and asked a cloth-seller what he was wearing underneath. The cloth-seller began describing that all the cloth he is wearing is what they are looking at.

The Religious Outlook

This town is made up of predominantly Muslims. There are Christians and I hear that there are a few churches but the locals are Muslims and the entire zone is an Islamic zone. The religion has so eaten into their culture such that it is very hard to separate what is tribal and what is religious.

First Odd Sign

In the second lodge I stayed in, there were five rooms. Five of us stayed there regularly but three other guys were not regular (including my roommate). The biggest room occupied three guys. Two rooms had two people live in it. And one room that housed one person. (Then much later, another person moved into the last room in the house).

This is a lady who is not a local, who is educated (obviously), who is a Muslim (and dresses like one). So, where is all the morality?

On this part, I have many stories. But I’ll share just a few.

Acts of Bravery or Foolishness?

Another colleague of ours was living in another lodge in the same school. In his house, he had neighbors that were not colleagues of ours. One of the neighbors was a local whose father worked for the school. Our colleague that lived next to him told us of his acts which happened almost every weekend towards the end of 2015.

When you have a solution to a problem and the problem still exists (and growing stronger despite the solution), that solution needs to be reviewed or cast away because it doesn’t work

But for some reason, they suppress the problem so that what has been brought as the solution will remain, rejecting the possibility of something better. But mind you:

Change is not from the outward

My roommate met another colleague of ours in the only functioning bank who wasn’t working in the school we were. She, being from a more civilized environment, was wearing knickers (not the very short ones) that day. My roommate hugged her briefly (as they have not seen each other in a while).

Not The End

Is this the end of the stories? Not at all, how many do you want to hear? About the female students (in a private school in the town) that watch intense sexual content movie clips on their phones while they are being taught in class?


Look away from the statistics, look at the stories. For example, who would you blame for rape? Is it the one who exhibited the animalistic behavior, the one that induced the animalistic behavior or the one that provoked the animalistic behavior?

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