I Wrote a Song About Money And Now It’s on Spotify

It has a hidden meaning

David O.
4 min readMay 9


Money is Calling (Salako ft. VMH)

The title of the song is — Money Is Calling. Yes, I composed it. It wasn’t my voicing though. And much of the second verse was written by the voice performer, who is my good friend. He is Salako. My presence is with the brand — VMH. More about that later.

It took us months. It took a decent amount of money. And it took great commitment to excellence. I was also a major investor in the project.

Initially, I was just going to stay in the shadows as the songwriter and the financier. But as the project developed, I decided to have a brand to track my creativity in music. And since that is not the only piece of music I have written, it was necessary.

A Bit of Context And Details

Writing songs is my guilty pleasure hobby. I haven’t done anything with it business-wise. But I like to sing and amuse myself.

Money Is Calling was written like all the other songs I write. I was feeling inspired. And I had a topic on my mind. And boom it happened.

But the version you will hear is a bit different from the one I wrote though. We had to make changes to make it marketable. The second verse was where we started making changes (for wider appeal and marketing) when we seriously began to work on releasing the song.

I already shared how that song went from just an idea on my notepad to something that got professionally produced. It began with a hunch to play the piano.

Every song I write has a message. I do not consider myself a professional musical performer. I am just someone who has something to say and decides to use melody to convey the message.

The first verse up to the chorus gets you the main idea of the song. The chorus has another language in it though, but easy to get.

The second verse is more diverse. It mostly contains pidgin English. That is a variant of English common in…



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