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Every day I see many companies dwindling and I wish I could help. Helping people is difficult; helping companies is even much more complicated. As far as they are concerned, they have the best hands on the issue so who are you to tell them that they are failing (and they are yet to figure it out).

I have seen toothpaste ads for years now and I think to myself, why do they talk about everything but the actual thing that matters. Who cares about the chemicals in the paste? Who checks whether their teeth is whiter after brushing? Let me ask you the question; do you know how to brush your teeth? The pattern, the sequence, the strokes, the way it is supposed to be done?

The other day I heard Apple tops the list of the most valuable companies in the world. The iPhone accounts for more than 50% of Apple’s business. Their latest phone has a starting price of $999. And how many people will use up to 40% of its functions? Plus, future phones will sell at higher prices. So, are they like expecting people to be buying what they don’t need for a price they can’t afford?

Nothing sounds more ironic than an oil and gas company developing renewable energy technology. Those ads make me smile. The world needs an energy miracle. And it has to disrupt the industry. These oil giants will just keep maintaining a good social brand. I believe the answer is in energy storage technologies. All we need is to find a way to trap all that energy from tornadoes, hurricanes etc.

There is one thing the UN should know. Democracy cannot work in all countries. And by the way, the need is growing for a new system of government. Democracy has been hacked. And for places that are underdeveloped, democracy for government is not a sustainable model for growth (except they are ready to spend many decades at it). This is not about returning to the failed system of government (of the past), rather it’s about creating a new one.

Of all social media platforms, twitter is the most unique (I’ve seen). It’s much more relevant and significant than FB, IG, SC in its niche and difference. But the management looks confused even as to what the platform stands for. The structure is much more marketable than all its counterparts and has the potential to be the biggest social media platform (by market cap) by a significant margin. But only God knows what those guys are thinking. Maybe they need a visionary to commandeer the ship.

I could go on and on, but this post needs to end. Honestly, I wish I could help these guys but I have no intentions of standing in a queue or shaving my head. So I hope people who can get to them see this.

And there’s more to come

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