I Can Make You a Superstar Online Without TikTok Dances Or Any of the Cringe GenZ Things

But you have to be committed

David O.
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I know the first question on your mind will be — how? And yes, I will tell you how shortly. But you don’t need the how. You need a “who”, not a “how”. I have done this for myself here on Medium and have done it (and still do it) for others on other platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

You don’t have to do any of the cringe things you see young people doing to be internet famous today. And this is why I am not promising that you will be famous. I’m saying you would be a star in your field. You will attract the right people that will be your audience, your clients, and your buyers.

The How

I’ll share my knowledge with you and keep giving you feedback on your content. I will actually read or watch your content and give you feedback on it.

I started giving feedback to people serious about content creation last year and enjoyed it.

You may be thinking, “there is nothing interesting about me” or “I’m too old for all that now”. But what you are thinking of as your disadvantage is your unique advantage. With the right guidance, you will start to attract your tribe.

All it takes is commitment and consistency

If you want to explore this and have me start giving you feedback on your content, send me an email — info@davidolarinoye.com

…with the subject line: Online superstar

Only for serious people ready to put skin in the game. If you are completely new to content creation (and have not tried anything before), this is not for you.

If you are an expert in your field or industry and struggling to translate that into online superstar status, this would be a good fit for you.

This is for people who are already working on content, but desire better results

Rest assured, you won’t be the first person I will work with. Check out the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile to see a few people I have gotten results for.

P.S. I plan to take less than 10 people (so that I can give personalized feedback). Reach out before there’s no more space if you want this

Email me at info@davidolarinoye.com with the subject line — online superstar



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