I am disgusted by Western Media Calling Nigerian Elections Flawed

Spare me the platitudes please (eye roll)

David O.
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Yes, I carry a Nigerian passport. And yes, I was in the capital city at the time of the 2023 presidential elections. Did I vote? Nope. And I have never voted in my life. That’s because I don’t believe in the system. It is my personal opinion and I understand that everybody is entitled to opinions they use to live their lives. But…

What I won’t condone is the pot calling the kettle black. International and western media were quick to raise their voices about the legitimacy of the election. And I saw big voices that were quiet when the country went through a dark period in October 2020. Now, they are raising their voice that the election was flawed.

But was it?

The Election

I have lived through the entire democratic era of Nigeria which began in 1999. And without any doubts in my mind, the 2023 presidential election result is the least “rigged” result ever. Don’t ask me about my analysis. I live in the country and know the ins and outs of the country better than most people that talk.

I have lived with the poor. I have lived in the northern regions. I was raised as a kid in the southwestern region. My parents were middle class. I have also lived with the rich in both Lagos and Abuja.

Due to the fact that I am not politically affiliated or driven, I often know who is going to win an election before the election. Sometimes, a few weeks before the election.

How? It’s very easy. First, you have to be unbiased and open to every possible outcome. Since I never vote or have ever applied for a voter’s card, this is easy for me. No emotions attached to anything. So, I can see clearly.

The second way is to list out the power brokers in the country, especially those who have direct influence over each state. Then, see where the alliance of those power brokers lies.

The winner of every presidential election is always the person with the most power brokers lining up behind him. This has been the case since 1999. The model hasn’t changed. Although there was a crack in 2023.



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