How to Fight Depression and Win

A critical analysis of what depression is and what it is not

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You go ask a crippled man; do you want to walk again or you want a million dollars? Except the cripple is already wealthy, you know the answer majority of crippled people will give you

Life is for problems. Problems of life are not peculiar to you. Everybody has their own fair share of it. Some hide it, some make a noise of it, some put make-up on it, others are trying to solve it the best way they know how. Never wish you could trade places with someone because you think that life would be easier. Many people have plunged themselves into further sorrow by looking for a problem-free life. The search of a problem-free life will lead you into the grandest problem of all. Just because the world around you is faking it and pretending doesn’t mean everybody is doing fine except you. In real life, those who are doing fine are those who enjoy the process of solving the problems they have taken up.

The Solution

So, what is the solution to the thought and feeling? How does one makes the thought and feeling have zero effect on one’s life? It’s very simple; you fight it. For you to be able to fight it, you must not want it. For you not to want it, you must not have a justification for it. For you not to have a justification for it, you must not get the comparison mentality out of your head. The TV life is one big lie. Don’t even try to wrap your thinking around the reality of TV. Did I mention social media too? Make-up and a good camera doesn’t equal a good life. In fact, many times people work extra hard at that stuff because they are trying to cover up something. If people love their life and their bodies (which is headed by their face) that much, why do they “make it up” to look like what they actually don’t look like? Never be deceived.

Find people you can solve their problems and do it when those feelings come at you. Be creative about it and do it in a special way each time.

If the feeling and thought is about you being lonely and have nobody, pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to in years. Cheer someone up! The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up. Whatever the depressed thought or feeling brings to you, give something of the same form to someone. You fight lack with giving. Giving is the master key to life. You can donate and your life remains the same but you can’t give and your life remains the same. The difference between giving and donating is that you can afford to lose what you donate, but what you give means something to you but you have decided to look beyond it.

Giving is the solution to depression

I have never met a giver who gets depressed. However, I have seen myriads of donors who get depressed. If what used to be giving to you has become donating, then it means you need to step up. Your life depends on it. Give your way out of depression.

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