Hmmm. I see your point. However, the goal is not to abolish democracy, it is to create something that works. The solution is focused on countries especially in Africa who have a problem with consensus and development.

Educating the general public to vote pragmatically is something that will take not less than 100 years to achieve in many of these countries. And it hurts to watch the countries follow a path that takes donkey years to become fruitful. Educated minority is the only plausible shortcut in most cases.

The economic development model is good as people often forget the governance has problems when the economy is good. But think about sustainability. The weak government structure is partly responsible for the difficulty in sustaining that economic strength. Focusing on making the economy better without structuring the government for it is just like taking painkillers instead of treating the wound.

I like it when there is a clear structure of governance that suites a society. Nothing fast-tracks economic development like it. That’s what I think

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