Hi Stephen. I don’t know of you know, but that picture is a real picture of Nigeria. I strongly believe that is Nigeria, in fact, I think I know the state (from the bus and surroundings). Yeah, things are already that bad.

First of all, concerning the USA, some may insist that the president is somehow but I believe he is the best man for the job at this point. He is results oriented and that is something many top government officials of other countries lack. I tell people if you think life is horrible in the USA, then try relocating to Nigeria.

Second, the hope of the world is not the government. Even concerning the environment, the hope of the world is not the government. The hope of the world is education. The way marketing, adverts, entertainment are taking people’s attention is a valid concern about the future. People must be educated right. Without that, there will be no sustainable change.

The USA is not doing too badly and most other top countries are in the same shoe. I don’t believe that picture will be the future of the planet. It could be, but with I hope to make happen it shouldn’t.

Finally, don’t complain about the problem. Do what you can about it. Raising awareness is not equal to doing something. If you raise awareness to do something, then it’s fine. But just to raise awareness for the sake of awareness is plain anti-wisdom. Nothing is too small. You can start from where you are. Cheers!

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