Hi, Michael. Your sincere response is appreciated. First, let me start with the issue of the title. There are many styles I use in writing depending on the reason and purpose of the write-up. This is one of the articles I wrote without a title. After I was through, then I thought of the most appropriate way to title it. There were a number of options to choose from, but I chose this because it gives a direct punchline of the underlying point of the whole article.

I was listening to a popular figure I respect one day and he said something very powerful. He said, 'I am not a best writing author, I am a best selling author'. I wasn't even writing like this then but I caught the point. While I respect your point and view, there are a considerable number of people who really want to go beyond giving themselves comfort in their write-up. That odd comfort you talk about, I don't get any feeling like that. My thrill comes from when people see value in what I write.

If your purpose of writing is to vent and to bounce stuff off you, great! In fact, there are people who need to do write-ups like that regularly to stay sane. But if you are more of the commercial style of rendering value, it's important to give the reader something tangible every time.

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