Hi, Louigi. I don’t know if I’ll be able to respond to all the points you raised, but I’ll say what I can at the moment.

First, I am not saying outrightly that Cryptos are better, I just tried to draw in the comparison. I think I mentioned bank transfers, Western Union, and Cryptos. I accept that I personally favour crypto over PayPal (in fact, I favour bank transfers over PayPal), but I think the line of comparison between the two is clear enough. Considering both sides, I (by far) prefer crypto for myself. Remember this is not just about online payment but ease of moving money.

Concerning payments (with crypto), it has already begun. I can’t dig in to give examples right now, but there are lots of payments happening through crypto. It’s not a question of whether or not it will happen in the future, it is something already happening. However, the adoption is still in its infancy.

I think I understand your concern about Cryptos. And they are legitimate as far as I can tell. I am already using Cryptos to move money. Yes, I think the future of the tech is bright but the present is very useful to me.

This article is about PayPal. And honestly, I question the fact whether they still have a viable business. I have used PayPal and I don’t like it. I like my bank transfer and I like my crypto.

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