Hey, Xine. I think you are kind of missing the whole point.

Pay attention and read again. Don’t assume what I am trying to say. I tried to be as mild as possible. The approach is trying to redefine what we know as depression. I believe human beings are more than physical bodies. There is more to you than brain, heart, blood, etc. The effects of depression can be seen on the body (and can be an actual disease), but the source is actually not.

Our lives are controlled by information more than by anything else. There was the story of 2 men who went to the doctor to test whether they had cancer. When the test was conducted, one had cancer and the other didn’t. But during the course of the documentation, the results were mixed up. The who had cancer was told he was cancer-free while the other who had no cancer was told he had cancer. (This was a mistake of course, not an experiment). Here is what happened; the man who was declared cancer-free (who had cancer) became overjoyed and went on living his life lovingly. The other guy who didn’t have cancer (who was told he did) died in 2 years (of cancer). That is how powerful information is.

Hasn’t it bothered you that in many remote village environment where life is crude and without the many amenities we have today, people live to be very old. Meanwhile, in advanced societies where there is medical technology, drugs, etc., people die young often! As in, the percent of people that live to grow old is significantly less. Here is another irony; most (if not all) of those who grow old in the advanced societies have spent a lot of money on health related issues, while those in the village never did spend. I found out that child mortality rate can be high in those villages, but once you grow into adulthood, it is almost certain you will grow to be very old before departing this world. Think about that.

You have a soul and the soul has needs. If you ignore those needs, there is a repercussion. That is what I am trying to say. I do not dispute the issue of some of these things being genetical. But even at that, before they affect you something has to trigger it. My point is that it does not trigger naturally. Our life and lifestyle, our choices and decisions, the experience of life we take ourselves through and our responses, determine these things called mental illnesses.

If you choose to believe that you have a soul and you keep your soul in the right shape, there are many problems you won’t have. This is the point I am trying to make.

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