Hey Michael. I saw an adventure movie once. The adventuring team found something and after examining it, they thought it to be a sort of binoculars. And they used it like that for a long time until they found a text that referred to it as a sword. It was confusing at first. They started trying to figure out how it could be a sword. Then they pressed a particular part and lo, the smooth edges of a sword came out.

I am honestly not a fan of giving problems cool names. I understand people have these problems and they are real. But making them into formidable information makes it far, far worse. Especially when we get the information wrong. People suffering and not recovering easily from depression shows that there is a lot not known about it. In your case for example, 25 years (I believe). I do not agree with the way the world defines and explains depression. I think their definition is why many are stuck in it today.

So, while you are entitled to your own opinion, let me express mine. Scientifically, the strongest thing any human anomaly can be traced to is genetics. That creates a sense of acceptance by the person that there can be no change. The science world does not believe in the existence of a soul. This is why it is virtually impossible to be cured by scientific answers (for strong depression problems). Change the way you see depression and the answer surfaces. It’s not a binoculars, it’s a sword.


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