Hey. I have enjoyed some of your articles in the past especially those tech ones.

First, have you researched the story concerning that lead picture? Do it yourself. It’s amazing what you will discover.

Disclaimer: I do not live in the USA neither do I plan to go there in the near future.

The main problem you raised, I hope you know the history and how it has been to this point in time.

Personally, I feel the media has not been fair to the world. They know that they have this overpowering influence and they use it to create discord around the world. Forget about the USA, if I explain to you the real issues in the places I have lived in, you will be shocked at how wrong the media has led the world to believe.

Finally, this is a bad world. Bad things happen every day. For someone to decide to create a scene based on the bad or negative things happening speaks so much of the individual. There is a TV station where all they know is war and civil unrest. They never have any good thing to say. They spread information about war, death and peril. If we are really serious about changing the world, it should begin from information (i.e. what we choose to say). If I see something wrong, I don’t raise awareness towards it, instead I solve it. If I can’t solve it, I leave it for someone who can and go to solve a problem I can. Problem solvers don’t go around raising awareness. I am a problem solver. The world would be a better place if everybody becomes a problem solver.


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