Hey. First, it’s a good thing for you to have a platform like this where you express yourself. More importantly however, you ought to care about yourself. Keeping the negatives to yourself is not healthy. I don’t mean you have to make the negativity spread like wildfire, but you ought to stop using yourself to make others feel better (because it seems you do that).

People love darkness because they are afraid of what the light will reveal. But without light, there will be no change. Making people feel better about themselves doesn’t really help (in the long run). It makes them more tolerant to the thing they are supposed to get rid of to have a good life. Stark sincerity may not make you a lot of friends, but the few you’ll have will be confidants.

For your mental health and life wholeness, you need something big, achievable (with measurable results) and simple to live for. Living the status quo and writing is not enough. Maybe you already have something, but I’m sure it is yet to consume you. The right way to live is to make something happen NOT to react to what happened.

I hope this helps

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