Helping People Is Not That Simple

For people who always want to help other people

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To be honest, there is a large expanse of land around this town lying unused. The community is just a small settlement but quite ancient. I heard the government had made attempts to bring a tertiary institution or an establishment to the community in the past but the locals had refused.

The only thing that brings traffic to the town is the market days. And we heard that people that usually show up for the market days have drastically reduced because of robbers. Most of the local business people do not believe in the banking system and when they were starting to trust the banking system, the robbers gave the banks a reason to run.

It is very rare to see people with their own personal cars instead, they use motorcycles. And if not motorcycles, then bicycle like the old man at the gate of the school I was. This old man has two wives, grown children and is planning to get a third wife.

The man doesn’t understand English, so a neighbor who understands the local language talked with him one day and relayed what he said to us. According to the neighbor, the old man said that his grandfather gave them this instruction (as his dying wish) to keep giving birth to children — they should give birth to as many as possible (whether or not they can take care of them). So the old man said he is happily living out the wish of his grandfather.

My roommate told me of a man he encountered where his parents lived. The man was a petty hawker (of something not very relevant) and gave birth to nine children. When he was challenged and cautioned, he replied, ‘it is God that gives children’.

When you say you want to help or change the world, what exactly will you say is the problem? You say you want to change it to make people’s lives better but what do you do when those you want to help are the very problems. I’ve seen lots of ideas on big parades but people just graduate from ignorance to foolishness and from foolishness to sheer stupidity.

How Does The World Interpret What You Do?

I was in an “educative” national camp and towards the ending of the camp, this HIV awareness group came and distributed condoms freely to the participants all in the name of preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

You know what? Lots of people saw the sharing of condoms as a green light to engage in the escapade they’ve wanted to but couldn’t. That very night, you can’t walk for 15 seconds without seeing another two people hanging somewhere making judicious use of the condom.

You may be tempted to say it would still happen if the HIV awareness group hadn’t done what they did. Well, I can assure you that the notion is wrong. Of course, some would do it regardless of what happened and they already made their own preparations. But the distribution made it (kind of) legal and official.

We can’t change what has been done, but an option is not a solution

Awareness groups (like that HIV group) may be deceiving themselves that they are affecting the world positively but I can assure you they are not. In fact, they are doing the exact opposite. Don’t look at the statistics, look at the stories being generated from the information they are disseminating.

I was told of a local man those in the HIV awareness group in this remote town met. They told the man about HIV and warned against unprotected sex. The man then asked honestly about those like him that do not like to use “protection” in sex. Then one of the HIV awareness team members told him he has to be faithful to one partner. Then the man gave them that quizzer look, meaning something like ‘really? I shouldn’t sleep around anymore? It’s never going to happen’. The man just left after he heard that.

I am not going to recommend “my own” solution at the end of this article. This is just for those who care to take a second look at these things and get a different perspective of it. These are materials to think with so that you can make better decisions and better judgment. If you are really concerned, you shouldn’t stop here. And there’s more.

Migration too

Gone are the days when you go to a place and claim it for yourself. Every land has an owner now — every land has a country laying claims to it. And where people laying claims to the lands are foolish, life is unreasonably hard for those living therein.

Unfortunately, the media has no barrier, so the thought of migration grows in the hearts of people having life unreasonably hard. And that produces another problem the world is facing. It’s not really that life is easy in other places but people who think and plan are in charge. The gullible migrants think that mere geographical change or another government will make their lives better. Do we call that lack of prime intelligence or lack of education?

So, if you want to affect the world positively regarding the population misnomer, what would you do? Beautiful places are built by people but some people will not understand that. In fact, it is an understatement that they won’t — the fact is that they can’t.

I met an elementary schoolmate of mine driving a public transport bus in the town my parents lived. I didn’t recognize him at all but he recognized me and I didn’t believe him until he mentioned the name of one of our teachers then. We exchanged numbers and I told him I’ll be in touch. I was in (tertiary) school then, so I formed a text to him telling him how he could make a million (in the local currency) in bus driving in a year if he can be disciplined.

He called back immediately and honestly, I still can’t figure out who called back. I saw him a couple of times after that but the connection has already been slashed. I could only feel sorry for him.

Helping people is just NOT that simple

When you are trying, you really don’t know what you are doing. Why don’t you sit back and rethink? I believe you can see the point here. There is a reason 1% of the people in the world control 99% of the money (and wealth) in the world. Those who think have to make the world for those who won’t.

Is It Working?

My goal for you is not to give up on doing something. My goal for you is not to continue doing what doesn’t work. My goal for you is not to start another trial in error. My goal for you is to become enlightened enough to know what doesn’t work and be able to recognize a true solution when you see it.

If it has to be amplified to get the feeling that it is working, then, it is not working

This article was written in 2015/2016 from my experience in a community service initiative. Read the entire collection in the order it was written here.

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