Help Wanted: I am Hiring a Music Manager

Do you fit or know anyone that fits?

David O.
3 min readApr 25, 2023


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You have probably heard about my exploration into music. But now, it’s more than an exploration. It’s getting serious. And I am putting more skin in the game as the day passes.

But now, I want a music manager. Now, that could mean many things. Let me explain what it means here.

The Who

I am not looking to sign any record deal with anybody for now. I have done my research on how that works and I’m not ready for that (if at all I will do it).

What I am looking for is a music manager for my compositions and songwriting. You see, I write a song every day. And I cannot possibly work on all the songs I write. In fact, some of them are designed to be performed by other people.

So, while I keep finding my way of what suits me, I want to write for others. This is what I want a music manager for.

To do things with songs I write (and compose) that aren’t for me. Or connect with artistes who want songwriters and are willing to do a fair deal.

Things I want in a music manager:

  • Genuine interest in music. The genre is pop. Ed Sheeran kind of pop
  • Established connections. Doesn’t have to be huge though
  • Based in the USA. LA preferably. That’s because it’s where the majority of the action happens
  • Worked on music deals before. Composition pub deals sound even better
  • Honest and sincere. No beating around the bush or vagueness.
  • Easy to get along with. Responsible person (with a family, preferably)

My Offer

A generous percentage of every good deal they bring to me that I accept. Details about this will be discussed one-on-one.

I will not accept any kind of exclusive deal whereby I won’t be able to do any other composition with anyone else.

I’m willing to discuss any terms the manager wants. And then, have a signed agreement.

This is just for compositions for other artistes to sing and release. I don’t care if it is a well-known artiste or a new artiste, as long as the deal is good. (Of course, there are people who fit into my style and there are people who don’t fit).

Other Info

Do note that I will go with whoever my heart says yes to. And it is not merely based on “qualifications”.

Also, I could go with more than one manager. Just would not give them the same songs. I have enough to pass around. I’m super blessed.

I should also say that my lyrics are clean. Mostly family friendly. My songs are uplifting and you can’t get me to write about violence, sex, or stuff like that. The songs are sort of like my inspirational articles.

And I write better when I know who I am writing for (i.e. the audience) and who will be performing the song (i.e. the artiste).

If all of what I have said is music to your ears and you know it is a great fit for you, send an email to:

With the subject line that says — music manager


P.S. If you know someone who would be a great fit, send this article to them and let them send me an email. Pls, don’t send me an email saying that you know someone. I want to only hear from those who are a good fit. And I will respond in less than 24 hours.



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