Driven By Need

This is to change the way you think about needs

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This is not so tech related, but it is if you consider the many sides of tech. Tech products are made by tech companies. The tech companies are made up of staffs (i.e. people) who come up with the products. The people work in the companies for various reasons. While some are living their dream at their workplace, others are enduring a nightmare just to survive.

Pay matters. Nothing makes me feel sad like seeing a productive person gets paid in pennies. And I know some people like that. In some part of the world, they talk about the gender pay gap. Here, it’s labor, skilled labor, being ridiculously paid.

Today, a friend came back with those disgusting work stories. He wants to quit. The company makes thousands of dollars every month, no employee is paid above $300. The boss lives lavishly and spends on expensive things. The irony is that the employees know what the company gets in sales, in fact, the boss proudly announces it. Maybe it’s a form of mental torture.

My friend is ready to quit but needs a new moneymaking avenue. He’s talking about getting a car to run rides for Uber and the likes. A useable car would cost about $4,000. I honestly started thinking about how to get one. My finances are already locked up for the rest of the year. I would need money from another source to do the magic.

Sometimes we make the mistake of looking at ourselves and our predicament and then using it to judge our needs. You need more than you think if you would not be selfish. If you see someone you can truly help with money (in a business format), then the money becomes something you really need. Let the need drive you to get the money.

My friend might get what he wants before I get the $4,000, but I’m not going to allow that thought to stop me. If not him, it could be someone else. How can I make an extra $4,000? That’s my thought now.

What about you? What thing would make a difference in the hustle or business life of your friend? How much does it cost? Add it to your need. Selah

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