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A friendly guide to choosing the right online course for you

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The Reality of Online Courses

There are amazing online courses. I have participated in some of them. And I noticed a pattern. Many of those courses are good, but whether they will be useful for you is another story entirely.

The best course is a course that will help you with your current job and taught by someone who has practiced it successfully.

A course that you can’t put to practice immediately may not be worth making a huge bet on.

1. Experience of Tutor

The years of experience of the teacher doesn’t really matter. But the teacher has to be a doer, not a “talker”. However, some can’t teach. This is why you have to see a video or an excerpt to see what the teaching is like.

If you can’t learn from a 10 minutes video, you probably won’t in a 30-hour training

2. Your Current Situation (Job and Finances)

Another fact to watch out for is the affordability of the course for you. Do not bank on the fact that you will make the money back from the course. You may not initially. And if you have banked on that, it will set a sour taste in your mouth.

3. Time

Another point people often forget also is time. You are going to put in the time needed for the course. If a class is 2 hours (for example), you must understand that you will need to go through that class twice or thrice to get full understanding.

Watch out for your own interests!

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