Coronavirus Is Not The End Of The World, It is a “Once-in-a-Decade” Opportunity

Stop the fear. Think

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Coronavirus will soon be history

The tide will change with just one event. The moment there is an official vaccine and cure, it is game over. In a few years, we would be wondering why we shut down our economies by ourselves because of fear.

This is probably the best time in a decade to buy into any business or investment you’ve always wanted to

I shared with the business owners on my list that this period is the time to expand their businesses. There are a lot of motivated sellers living in the moment. When you buy them out, you are helping. And the economy needs people like you.

When there is blood on the street, buy property

These are the words of the renowned banker, Mayer A. Rothschild. It is the way he amassed his great wealth that is still serving his generation to date. When everybody thought it was the end of the world, he was buying people out.

What is Warren Buffet doing now?

Buffet has expressed that his investment secret is that he is cautious when everybody is greedy and greedy when everybody else is cautious. So, think about that for a second.

Buy in panic, don’t panic-buy

This is as good as it gets for a chance to be wealthy overnight. If you are trying to catch the bottom perfectly, you will miss the good ride.

Perpetual opportunist

To be a pessimist in good times has its advantages. To be a pessimist in bad times is not good. To be an optimist in bad times has its advantages. To be an optimist in good times can be dangerous.


This is by no means financial advice. I am just saying what I think should be said. It is a perspective. If you don’t agree, just forget it.

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