Career like shoes

Your favorite shoe is weak. Would you wear the other one or stick with your favorite?

I don’t think I ever had a favorite anything. At least, not in the way that I’d say, ‘this thing is my favorite’. For a lot of people, this is quite different. They have a favorite color, shape, taste and it spreads from there. I recall a survey trying to pick out which is the best ice cream flavor. I have had strawberry and while I don’t hate it, I do not like it either. Meanwhile, for some (or perhaps many) it is the greatest taste in the world.

The trend does not end there. There is the iOS VS android preference. An iPhone belonging to a friend of mine was stolen. He then thought he would use an android phone just to pacify until he could get another iPhone. He had to press himself to get an iPhone in just a few days. He just couldn’t cope. And of course, there are those on the opposing side. For one reason or the other, it’s android all the way. It’s about an attachment that most cannot even explain. As it is with shoes, so it is with careers.

Most people have an idea of a dream job based on where the job operations take place, how much the pay is, perks of the job, etc. In most cases, the actual job responsibility is not considered. Many don’t even know the actual job responsibility until they start. A dream job goes on great until it can’t pay for the lifestyle you want. It doesn’t matter how much you love the job if it is not able to pay for your lifestyle, the dissatisfaction will start growing.

There is an option however, to stay within the lifestyle your job can pay for or to transition to another. This is where preference comes in. Maybe the job isn’t really a favorite but as you continued at the job, it got hooked to you. Perhaps you don’t mind the lifestyle that it gives you, and there’s nothing really to complain about in it. But then another opportunity shows up; one really promising that could put you in a much much better position in many areas.

Would you consider the switch?

Maybe you have spent 11 years at your current workplace and you know that there is no growth or challenge for you there anymore. Meanwhile, you love the job (it’s your favorite). Nobody is asking you to leave and you’ve grown to become someone that can’t be fired. But this new opportunity shows up. Yes, the air is definitely thinner there. It offers far better than where you currently are. There are no conflicts against your core beliefs as to what you will be doing. It’s a slightly different career path. You are really not expecting it. Would you take it?

Would you reach out for more or stay where you find comfortable?

You have an important outing, your favourite shoe is old and you know it. Perhaps it has begun to show signs of weakness. There is the other shoe that you are really indifferent about. What would be your choice, your favourite shoe or the other one? It’s quite the same with career here.

The thing about favorites is that they keep us locked in a box. Get so acquainted with the familiar that we shake off new experiences. What if you leave what you love and go in this new career path and then you get fired after 2 years? Would you still take the job if you know you’ll get fired in after 2 years? Which do you decide, the familiar or the new?

The favorite or the undiscovered?

Whatever your choice turns out to be, remember this, Life is for responsibility. Your life will be measured by how useful it is to other people.


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