The Commitment to Get Rich

This book is definitely not for everyone

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If you work for money, you cannot be rich. Rich people work but not for money. If you are going to be rich, you have to program yourself the same way. But that is very difficult for most people.

The reason most people stay average and struggling financially is not their skill. You can be a millionaire with almost any skill.

The reason people struggle financially is not their lack of understanding on the subject of money. Many get exposed to this information and still struggle.

The reason people struggle financially is not their lack of understanding about how to be rich. A fair amount of people know how and still struggle. If you have read a number of my works, you at least have an idea.

The real reason people struggle financially is that they have been programmed to struggle financially. They know better but they just don’t do it. Or they keep sabotaging their efforts with their negative program.

If you want to be rich, you need to break that mindset that you have to turn yourself into a slave of money. You have to break that cycle of working for money. And it is not easy.

Why do people that don’t have money today think they have to go and get a job?

Until you change the way you think about this, your life won’t be different. In fact, you will struggle to make things work.

If you want to be rich, you need to get rid of the mindset of working for money.

Therefore, if you work a job today and you depend solely on that job for money, you cannot be rich until you change the mindset that brought you to that point.

This is the key to getting rich for the average person with a job — get rid of the mindset of working for money

There is only one effective way to do this — repetition. Reading an article once can add to your knowledge. But your mindset gets changed by reading it repeatedly.

What do you read then? You read what drove your mind in a new direction or gave you awakening the first time you saw it. You read it again and again until you start acting like it unconsciously.

This is why I’ve put together some of my best articles here (and more) into a book form. The first reason is so you can have it in one place and read without getting distracted by other things online. The second reason is the mere fact you can see the book as a distinct substance that is a passport to getting rich.

You read an article here, clap and you move on. But that won’t change your life. It is not enough to know. You must use the knowledge to stir up your mind into action. You need to read again and again until you become someone that takes the kind of action the book shows.

You must read and read until getting a job does not even cross your mind when you need money. This is the goal

You can find the book here

Ebook is good, but there is nothing like holding a hardcopy book in your hands. With the print version, you can hold the book and can put it in a place where you can see it every day. Just the mere sight of it would be a reminder. And as you read continuously, you would realize that you start finding it easy to call the BS on default decisions that keep people poor.

Don’t stop reading it until you stop working for money and start living the way you like.

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P.S. Here is the book link:

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