Becoming a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon in a Few Days Through Visualization and Action

This is how it worked for me

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When I started writing my book, I had no marketing strategy. I just knew it was the right time to publish a book. The goal was not to sell a lot of copies or to be on a bestselling list. The initial goal was just to have a book.

Soon enough that goal was realized. But then there was a void in the area of marketing. But the excitement of having a published book overshadowed that initially. I registered for a course on the subject and I began to define my marketing goals. Then, I got an interesting idea.

I had the cover page of the book redesigned to show “100,000 copies sold” on the book. And I put that design on my computer and other gadgets. I saw it every day. I know it is supposed to do something, but for some reason, it is not.

After a few days, it became mundane. I didn’t even notice it anymore. I knew I wasn’t doing something right, but I couldn’t place my hands on what was wrong.

It didn’t take long before the problem became clear. I was not emotionally involved in the goal. The numbers did not mean anything. And the whole of my being couldn’t grasp what exactly I wanted from the book.

I kept thinking about what to do. Then the thought of becoming an Amazon bestseller struck me. Now, I found something I am emotionally involved in.

So I went online and downloaded the Amazon bestseller logo. Then, I edited the cover page of my book to add the Amazon bestseller logo. When I got through with it, I printed that page out.

The sight of it on paper felt exciting. And so I place that paper directly in front of my office desk. So every time I look up from my desk, I would see my book with a bestseller logo on it.

One thing worthy of note at this point is that I had nothing else like that in front of me. All that was visually appealing was this forged picture of my book. Of course, I didn’t share it anywhere to avoid giving people a false impression.

Shortly afterward, I came up with an idea for an ebook. And the idea was so strong that I got started on it right away. I wrote that ebook which has just 19 pages in one afternoon. And I started editing that same day.

The editing and compilation were completed that evening. I submitted everything to Amazon and made the book available for pre-order.

The course I took on book marketing also played a part. I planned to implement some of the lessons in the way I can in my case.

The book was launched on Tuesday and by Wednesday, it was on two bestselling lists on Amazon. I wasn’t even thinking about that. I had forgotten I had to check. But for some reason, I went to the book page and saw the book ranked highly on some lists. That was exciting.

Then, I took the clue from there to market the book some more. After a few hours of a second attempt at marketing, the book came up to #1 on 30-minute read in the business and money section.

It was previously on #35, then it went down to #54, then it came back up to #1. It was a thrilling moment. But the excitement soon died down as I thought about:

Why was I able to get a book to #1 on Amazon in less than a week?

I didn’t think I had done anything special. I have written several short books in the past that didn’t make it out of the manuscript phase. And this process seemed so effortless.

That was when I started to pay attention to the things I was doing differently recently. Then, I noticed the picture in front of me again. It wasn’t up to 2 weeks when I printed this picture. And I have already achieved that goal, even though on a different book.

This made me start to appreciate an ancient saying about getting what you want. It says:

Surround yourself with the answer you seek

The moment I had the visual trigger in my environment, it became easy for the goal to come into form.

Of course, several things played a part in the success of the book that has been prepared well ahead of the moment. An example is that I had spent some months building an email list.

An email list is not something anybody can build overnight. Long lists are built gradually over a long period. It would take more than a few days to do that. But when you have done all the necessary build-up, all you need is to surround yourself with the answer you seek.

If you want your book to be a bestseller, you should do what I did. Make a forged picture of your book with the bestseller logo. Print the picture out and put it where you can see it every day.

And don’t forget to smile at it every time you look at it. Let the sight of it send you on a thought journey and trigger a feeling.

If you want a particular set of grades in school, create a forged report card with the grades you want. Print it out in full color. Then put it in front of you. And don’t forget to connect with the feeling as though it has already been achieved.

Whatever you want, there is a picture you can create and put in your environment that will produce the reality for you, even if you are not conscious of the actual steps you are taking. But you must make sure that you focus on just one picture. The easiest way to miss what you want is to have two pictures.

This is the amazing life principle that made my book #1 on Amazon.


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