Bad Students Can Do Well In Life

Case study of 3 classmates; then and now

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He was arguably the tallest person in our school from when he was a junior. His height became his identity throughout the school. He wasn’t a bully but he was definitely one of the boys that sat at the back of the class.

He excelled in sports but this country doesn’t take that seriously. His grades were mostly below average. We all knew what he was a genius at but we would rarely talk about it. That was in secondary school (likened to high school in some other parts of the world).

Since he couldn’t go pro in sports, he headed into the military right after school. The path wasn’t smooth but he kept at it. At some point, he considered quitting to follow the status quo of piling up degrees. But thank God he didn’t. Today, he is on the path to becoming a great army general. He has a wife and 2 kids living a comfortable life. Not bad for someone who people had no high expectations for, 10 years ago.

He got into trouble a lot in school. He got close to expulsion 2 times. His grades showed no promise of greatness. But today, everyone is proud to associate with him.

Bad students can end up successful

Maybe she wasn’t the prettiest girl in my class, but she was the fairest. She was so recognizable, you could tell it was her from afar. As a result of this, attention was on her a lot.

She wasn’t a troublemaker but she didn’t have good grades. It took a while for her to get admission to the university. And even at the university, she had trouble with her grades. Failed a lot. But she had good looks which brought her favor several times.

Eventually, she went to a culinary school and got started on that path. She later started a restaurant in a great location and began doing very well. And recently she got married.

This guy was never serious in school. Even though he had the potential to do more, he only put in just enough effort to be average. He was always engaged in something unrelated to school even when our class had a busy week. This was at the university.

After school, he went into making shoes. He struggled at it even though he had an enterprising character. After a while, he pivoted into real estate. He found that very lucrative. About 5 years after school, he is doing considerably well compared to several peers with way better grades.

The point here is that nobody should be written off because of their performance in school.

Just because someone is performing horribly in school doesn’t mean they won’t succeed in life

The examples I have shared are compressed forms of the story. There are dark areas of the stories also. And we don’t know what tomorrow holds for each of them. But in their journey so far, they are great examples of bad students who made their way in life.

Maybe you currently know a bad student. Never write such a person off because you never can tell what they will turn out to be.

I rest my case.

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