Alternatives to Suicide

Unique angles I have never seen or heard anyone talk about

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Some took to the challenge, while it revealed deep things about others

A very dear friend of mine replied to my posts on a private chat. He concluded the year has been all negative for him and that he had nothing to share. I was, of course, put off by that. Everybody has something if you would just focus on the positives. I know that there were negatives but just focus on the positives. He insisted the year was a sh**show. This is someone I know very much and was quite close to in the course of the year so I began to list some of the positives that were in his life during the course of the year. I listed like 6 or 7. And he admitted that there were indeed positives. But he quickly added that the negatives outweigh the positives quite significantly. So I asked, how so?

There are some conversations that a social media chat opens up that cannot be opened up in a face-to-face conversation

I would still see him later in the evening, but the chat was a deep discussion we have never gotten close to via face-to-face. Of course, I offered to help but I gave my conditions. I can only hope my incomes match up in time. But that is where the story begins.

He never mentioned that he had a problem, perhaps he was denying it and kept the borrowing going

The worst part was that when people he could actually fall back to as confidants heard that he had such an amount of money all the while, they were bitter, sad and angry. “You mean you had over $1 million all this time?!?!” You can imagine their frustration. He had money, he was losing it but he kept losing it just because he couldn’t open up. Even his family didn’t know he had that kind of money. If he had confided in some key people, perhaps those he knew as elders (if he was afraid of his friends), they could have guided him and would have had a setback instead of a pitfall. He had a pitfall. My friend, thank God, didn’t go beyond a setback.

The best way to stop a suicide is to stop the depression while it is still at its infancy.

The best way to stop the depression while it is still at its infancy is to make the other person open up completely. Now, getting people to completely open up is the most delicate surgery in the whole world. Here is the trap many who try to mend others fall into; the depressed person opens up partially. This is so freaking dangerous. You have to be mean enough to dig deep to see the root of the matter. If you are empathic, you may never get to the root. That’s because people are naturally defensive and would deflect your advances through emotions if you are not “wicked” enough. You have to be wicked to dig deep, deep, deep down. And in the end, you discover that what people are guarding the most with their life is their “demons”. They live in the darkest of the darkest place in the heart. They know the “demons” are in to choke the life out of them, yet they give them the highest grade protection.

  1. Shine the light on them. Draw them out into the open. They are vampires. Light kills them.

Get used to your “imperfections”, it is the one thing everybody has in common

What are people so scared of, that they wouldn’t bring their “demons” to light? SHAME. Fear of shame. It may as well be the greatest fear in the world. Everybody has to battle with it. Those who have conquered that fear goes on to become icons in this world. In fact, it is one of the secrets of very rich people. The ability not to have shame. The day your shame is publicly announced and you can get over it, you become a person that can achieve anything. But as long as you have something you are hiding that you can be ashamed about, you are not ready.

When you blurt out your shame and people laugh at you or friend makes fun of you, never run back into hiding, talk about it more! Become shameless. LIVE!


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