According To The Bible, Where Will Homosexuals Go When They Die?

Heaven or hell? The answer won’t surprise you, but the reason will

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The Back Story

I was chatting with a childhood friend of mine about a few months back. We knew each other as kids, but we grew apart into adulthood. So we barely know each other as we have grown into our twenties.

Occasionally, we had opportunities to relate to each other but it doesn’t really last long. However, I got her phone number from a mutual friend and chatted her up one eventful day. Then, we just kept chatting.

As we grew to know each other as adults, we got comfortable discussing contrarian ideas. We easily shared thoughts about crazy and difficult things that would be hard to share in a face-to-face meeting.

Then we got talking about relationships.

She said she had no boyfriends. And I was curious about that. So she had me trying to guess why she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I kept guessing and she kept saying “no, that’s not it”.

I finally gave up and asked her why. Then she said, “because I like girls”. It was a chat so the awkward silence wasn’t so pronounced. That may not be strange to you, but a little back story might set the context right.

This is definitely not the USA or Europe. We were both brought up and raised in a church. She hasn’t turned into an atheist or anything like that. Virtually no one knows about her inclination concerning this. And of course, she is finding it very hard to balance that and her “Christian” life.

So she told me out of trust and warned me to keep it private. I knew it wasn’t right, but I didn’t know what to tell her at that point.

It is easy to point fingers at faces you don’t know and condemn them. But when it is someone close to you or someone you know, the game changes. You can’t just push them away as “bad people”.

After a few days, I got my act together and sent her an answer. She was very grateful for it. It solved her confusion and gave her clarity (and hope). I’ll share a glimpse of what I said to her shortly.

What is This Gender Thing?

I get very angry whenever I see all these gender madness in the world. There is absolutely no need for all the noise and arguments. There is a point that settles it all. But everyone wants to force their wills and ideas on others. And I am yet to see someone speak the undiluted truth from this view.

I am going out on a limb here by speaking this way. I do not intend to convince you. In fact, I could care less if you agree with my opinion or not. But I just feel this needs to be said.

I believe the message of the Bible. And I don’t find the information confusing at all. If the Bible is really God’s book, shouldn’t that be what everyone really cares about? Anyway, that is not my concern. Let me answer the question and go on in my way.

“Gender” Analysis

Let us take the gender issue first. And I can only speak from the perspective of the Bible. God made humans. And humans were made with 2 types of bodies; male and female. The reason is obvious; reproduction.

I believe humans have souls. This is the only reason humans are able to articulately communicate, learn and grow (in civilization). There are no types of souls. There is only ONE soul: THE HUMAN SOUL.

There is no such thing as a male soul or a female soul. The difference between male and female is pure biology. Every other difference (including psychological differences) is man-made. And man-made means it could be either conscious or unconscious. The psychological make-up of a person depends on the environmental factors that influenced the person growing up.

There is no one in this world who carries the memory of when he or she popped out of the womb of the mother. We grow up to mentally become who we become. This is the first answer.

There is only ONE human soul and TWO types of bodies. Every other explanation is BS.

You can twist or form your own soul into anything you wish. That is your choice. There are either 2 genders (going by body type) or there are over 7 billion genders (total population of people in the world).

Just because you are crazy doesn’t mean you are the only one in the world that has a license to craze.

Now let’s go back to the story of my friend. And indeed, we need to see whether homosexuals will “make heaven”.

It is so interesting that people do not give time to study what the Bible says. They would rather listen to what someone said it said. Meanwhile, some men died horrible deaths to make the Bible publicly available to everybody.

Anyway, let’s go on.

How is a Human Saved?

You can go to study this for yourself in the book of Romans. You are not saved by what you do or refuse to do. Instead, you are saved by accepting the Lordship of Christ over your own life. This means you have decided to accept his thoughts, words, and vision over everything you have. And you have chosen to identify with him; calling yourself who he says you are, regardless of what the circumstances look like (especially when the circumstances don’t look like it).

The Real Problem

The problem of homosexuals is not sex. Sex is an act. Sex is an activity. It is neither good nor bad, that depends on the context of it. And yes, I understand that we are dealing with sexual perversions (which is not limited to homosexuals anyway!). So, it is not about the sex.

The problem of homosexuality is NOT sex, it is identity

People assume that we have the male and female division because of how sex is preferred. That is the underlying wrong notion. Male and female classification is based on natural biology. Nobody chooses their body type when they are coming into this world. That means your body type is a gift. But no, people want to be their own gods.

As crazy as it sounds, nobody will go to hell because of how they CHOOSE to enjoy sex. However, if you call yourself something that negates God’s order, you cannot have a part in any of his plan (which of course includes heaven).

In fact, the fastest way to head to hell is to call yourself something out of natural order and out of God’s order. If you are out of God’s order and you are still within the natural order, there is hope for you. But the moment you get out of natural order, even the devil stops working to try to get you because he knows he has you and you are not going anywhere.

A Glimpse of the Answer

This is what I told my friend: Never define yourself by how you currently prefer sex (whether good or bad). After all, everything is subject to change. You are a growing person. Don’t stunt your growth by accepting a feeling that comes as a phase. Don’t box yourself (there is so much you don’t know about you).

There are people who lived their whole lives without having sex or even thinking about it (to form an opinion).

I find it pretty absurd that people would define themselves by how they choose to enjoy sex. There is a whole to discuss in that but I’ll just stop there.

It matters what you identify as. And that is what matters the most to God. Feelings come and go, but identity sticks for life.

Concluding Thoughts

Imagine you are 90 years old, and all your sexual energy is gone. Your priorities have changed. Your worldview is different. But this identity you have slapped on yourself while you were younger still remains. How would you feel about that?

We are all different. We are all the same. Choose your identity carefully

If you are a “homosexual”, and you wrestle with this thought, let me challenge you; try to break the identity tag (P.S. you don’t have to stop act). You will see where the trouble is. Even a part of your soul will go to war with you.

God welcomes all kinds of people at different stages of their lives. But he doesn’t leave them the way they came

And by the way, people go to hell because that’s the only other place they can go to if they are not allowed into heaven. So it is not like a punishment or something like that. But hell is hell.

There is even a more critical analysis of this. When you die, your body decays here in this world. Your soul goes into the other world. Now, sex is enjoyed with the body and by the body. Jesus made it clear that there will be no male and female in heaven. Everybody will have just one type of body (which is neither male nor female).

Now imagine people who defined themselves by something that is entirely centered on their body or how they choose to view themselves physically. Who will they be when their body is taken away?

Who will you be when your body is taken away from you?

Remember, your body was given to you. And you can do anything you want with it. But one day, it will be taken away from you. And if eternity is real, what percentage of eternity are you spending in this world?

Think about these things. Think independently

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