Abortion is NOT Healthcare

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Just looking at this picture, I am thinking what the societal impact will be if a company decides to brand pregnancy as the most beautiful thing in the world. (Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash).

I think it is time for me to weigh in on this issue. I am going to be very pragmatic and factual, even though I don’t plan to change your mind. The purpose of this article is to be a material to judge your thinking and mentality. If it doesn’t change your mind on abortions, at least it should make you think in a more robust way before accepting any other public notion.

I know I am late to this party. It is kind of on purpose. I like to take time to think well and see other arguments before I jump on the wheel. After all, it is not about gaining popularity.

I initially decided to be quiet about this and stay away from all the noise. But my friend dragged me into the discussion. I expressed my view and that was his view too. But where we differ in opinion is going public about our notions.

I was of the opinion that everybody has the right to their own opinion and hence, it is not my business to get into the arguments. He then convinced me that the public arguments are important. He stated 2 reasons that won me over:

  1. There might be someone pregnant who is at a decision point. My argument could just be what will make that person make the right decision
  2. If we don’t speak up, the world may never see that our side of the argument is rational

Many who take the other side of this argument often believe that the legitimate argument against abortion is because it is immoral. I would not take that position even though there is a lot to say on that front also. Let’s for a moment forget about what is moral or immoral for now. Let us deal with facts.

“I don’t want the baby”. “I am not ready for a baby”.

This is the prime reason for abortions today. I believe it covers way more than 60% of the abortions that occur in the world today. I find this reason for abortion so funny and stupid. Let me explain.

If I find a snake in a certain path and I don’t want to be bitten, I avoid and ignore the snake totally. But if I take a stick and start to poke the snake while recording with my phone (perhaps for Instagram) with the other hand, whose fault is it if I get bitten?

Imagine you have an overbearing credit card debt already. Then you went to this designer clothing store with your credit card. You convinced yourself that you are just going to look and you won’t pick anything. Unfortunately, you picked out some things and $1,500 gets added to the debt on your credit card. Then, you got home, saw the additional debt and you started to cry. Whose fault is it that your debt increased?

This has been my foundational stand on abortions for a long time and it will continue to be. There is no abortion debate without talking about pregnancy. There is no pregnancy debate without talking about sex!

People don’t get pregnant by hugging, kissing or playing. There is a definite and specific process that produces pregnancy and everybody knows it!

How can a grown lady in her right mind say her pregnancy was an accident? Just in case you don’t know how people get pregnant, I’ll explain it to you. Pregnancy results when a male person ejaculates (or releases sperm) into the female reproductive organ (aka the same place urine comes out from). When that condition is fulfilled and the timing is right pregnancy results.

Yes, there are cases where that doesn’t produce pregnancy but it is just a missed timing on the part of the female or a medical condition. However, this is the exception. The rule is that the process is expected to produce a pregnancy.

Now, here is my point. If you are not “ready for a baby” or you don’t want a baby, DON’T GET PREGNANT! How is that possible? I just told you the process that kickstarts pregnancy, don’t fulfill that condition. Incidentally, there are now several ways for people to engage in sex without getting pregnant. Yet, people in their stupidity keep activating the process with the hope of not getting pregnant. And by the way, having the male promise to “pull out” is not a means of avoidance.

Personally, I believe in no sex except in the confines of marriage. And it is not just a means of avoiding pregnancy, I consider it a means of avoiding bull#$&t relationships. I have seen it too many times. Sex introduces a lot of problems (physical, mental, psychological, social, etc.) between two people except they have worked out a form of contract to live with it. And the contract is often marriage.

However, if you insist on having sex, you know what to do not to get pregnant. My question is that why do people know this and still get pregnant. Well, some argue that flawed avoidance methods are also responsible. Well, I’d say no sex is best. However, if you still got pregnant after all means to avoid it. First, it meant you fulfilled the biological condition for pregnancy (which is the tangible expression of your willingness to be pregnant). Second, that ought to tell you something about what’s coming. I’ll explain this later.

Did you know that people get pregnant without the sex act? What really matters is the male sperm and the female egg. It is plain biology. You poke the snake, it strikes. You buy at the designer store, you get debited. Now you know the process, don’t do it if you don’t want the natural result of it.

My conclusion here is that anyone who is pregnant fulfilled the conditions for pregnancy (which is very specific). If you did that, you cannot say you don’t want the baby. The process is the validation that you want the result. You cannot buy and not want to be debited. If you don’t want to be debited, don’t buy. Period.

Rape, Incest and other misfortunes

This is another point critical for discussion. Many use this as a justification for abortion. But is it? The statistics I have seen put this point at about 0.1% of all abortion cases. It is interesting that some want a law to be created based on 0.1% of all cases.

I will be silent on my opinion here because a public audience will not understand the basis for it. However, let it be known that the destiny of a child is not tied to his biological father, mother or heritage.

Remember that these misfortunes have been in this world for thousands of years. The (effective) process of abortion is not even up to a century old. And abortion is neither a solution nor an answer. I believe in solutions and answers.

So yes, this is a valid point. However, it is the decision of the person pregnant to make.

Too young to reproduce?

This is another point people raise in defense of abortions. Interestingly, I was at a lecture this week where I learned that African ladies got married in ancient times as early as 16 years. So what age exactly is too young? (Not saying the practice is a good one, just asking for a number to be put behind “too young”).

Yes, there is the case of the life of the girl in danger during childbirth. But we have seen such cases with older females who are married too. If a woman who is married wants to produce a baby and there are issues, do you give the woman the option to abort the baby? No! You try to get both the baby and mother alive. And we have seen many cases where one of them sadly didn’t make it.

Here is an angle many do not consider. If you think it is in the best interest of the pregnant girl to abort, what will the impact of the abortion be on her physical body? What impact will it have on her womb? What impact will it have on her psychology? I think the psychological effect is what many are trying to kill when they push for the legalization of abortion. I have news for you. Even if it is legalized all over the world, the psychological effect will still haunt you. However, you may not know that the psychological issue you have is from the abortion you had years ago.

Too young to reproduce? If you are old enough to knowingly start the process, then you are old enough to bear the cross. People don’t get pregnant by watching Disney.

“Females are already dying in illegal abortions”

I heard this claim while scanning through TV and seeing some women protesting in Argentina. They want abortion legalized. If you skipped to this point, then, please go back to read from the top before making any comment.

People die every day. That’s a harsh reality of life. While everybody wants to live a long and fulfilled life, many are not making the right decisions that will produce it for them. First, I need to make this clearer:

Getting pregnant is NEVER an accident

It has always baffled me why abortion is the first thought that comes to people who get pregnant without truly expecting it. Very few consider marriage to the male person responsible. And this is often the most reasonable course of action. However, because marriage is an agreement and involves negotiations from both parties, the lady is already holding the short end of the stick. Also, people have their own perspectives on sex. That is not out of place. However, they cannot escape the consequence of their actions. The consequence may not come in the form of pregnancy, but the form it will show up in can be vile and deadly.

Females are dying in illegal abortions? Yes! And they will keep dying if they don’t stop it. Having the government legalize abortion will not reduce the number, it will only complicate the issue. Moreover, how many of them can afford proper abortions in good hospitals?

The government should pay for abortion?

Now, this is where I draw the line. You know, I have been considerate of other opinions and thoughts up to this point. This is where I can’t deal anymore.

The government does not make money. The money the government has was taken (forcefully) from taxpayers. What the government does with the money has to be something that concerns the society and touches everybody fairly. Even when the central banks print money, it is the earners and savers they throw under the bus. There is no such thing as free money. If money is free, then it has ceased to be money. The money the government has is from people’s paychecks. Keep that in mind.

First, I have reservations against government healthcare programs. It is an economic time bomb. How can healthcare be free when it costs money to develop and maintain the industry? How will the result of free healthcare be measured? Just in case you didn’t get it, here is my point: people will always be sick. And it gets crazier every day. Plus we live in a society that magnifies cure over prevention. The benefit of government-funded healthcare will never reflect on the economy. And the healthcare budget will keep getting larger and larger until it implodes the economy. It is basic common sense.

So think about that with abortions too.

If you are “anti-smart” enough to get pregnant without truly expecting it and you decide to abort it, fund it yourself!

Why should an innocent taxpayer somewhere pay for your “life’s mistake”? Plus, have you thought about the fact that the taxpayer may be vehemently against abortions? Why should a government take money from such a person and spend it on an issue that one is against? It is not like making new roads or building a park or maintaining a forest reserve. It is abortion. Hence, the government shouldn’t fund it at all. If you want a proper abortion and you can’t afford it, maybe you should create a crowdfunding campaign on one of those online crowdfunding platforms and let people who believe in what you want to do pay for it.

No government should pay for abortions. Every person is supposed to own up and be responsible for their own choices in life. If the government builds a new road, one day you may need to take that road even if it is far away. However, I know many ladies that will never need an abortion. That’s because they have restricted sex to marriage and/or have more sense than to activate the process for pregnancy when they are not planning for one. Abortion is always a personal decision. Let nobody deceive you that it is a medical solution. Even if it is a medical solution, you got the pregnancy, you should pay for the abortion.

If your case is so strong, you’ll be surprised how fast online crowdfunding will raise the money for you.

However, consider the flipside. The negative story and circumstance is still there, but you decide to have the baby and you are seeking funds to take care of the baby or even looking for a foster home.

Look at both sides of the coin. Which would you rather have?

The government should never pay for abortion. Here is the most important reason:

Population growth is good for the country

The population is one of the metrics to which a country is measured. Economic measurements (such as the GDP) are greatly affected by the population of a country. Also, military strength (which is important for negotiations in today’s world) is also greatly influenced by the population size. No sane country should be kicking themselves in the foot by making laws that sabotage their population strength.

I know you will give instances of third world countries like India who are seemingly suffering because of their population. The real problem of such countries is not the population, rather it is the lack of wisdom among the population. It is the large population of dependants that is the problem. Just imagine if every citizen of India is productive and they find a platform to thrive, what you call a problem today will suddenly become an advantage. No country has a population problem, only an education and capacity development problem.

Therefore, the process of childbirth, whether expected or not expected should not be legally inhibited. And there is another reason which is the chief of all.

Abortion is still murder

I don’t want to get into the moral and spiritual part of this argument. I will only do that privately for now. However, there are flickers from there that are useful here.

A child is not an extension of the parents

This is so crucial a point. Every child is independent of whoever brought them into the world. Yes, they begin by being dependent but they grow to be independent. I am not an extension of my parents in any way. I respect them, I am grateful to them, but I did not come to continue their life for them. Even when you name your child junior, it is just cool. The child’s life is independent of yours.

If you think about the fact that the child you are having is an independent person coming to take a shot at life, would you still want to abort?

Listen, what the child turns out to be in this world is not a factor of how the child was conceived. However, it is a factor of how the child was raised. I often make a remark that if a child was raised without the presence of the biological father (and it’s not like he is dead), the man was a sperm donor, not a parent. Parenting begins after the child is conceived.

The child coming would be your responsibility for a while, but after some time the child will be fully independent. The child is not going to be another “you”. Of course, the child will pick your physical attributes but the psychological and personality attributes the child picks will be the ones you (the parent) encourage (consciously and unconsciously).

The real reason why people consider abortion is that they believe they are not competent to take the new responsibility coming. And no matter how competent you think you are, you’ll still need help (especially with the psychological growth of the child). Children don’t grow up to become wayward (and liabilities to the society) because of the way they were conceived, rather they become that way because of the way they are raised.

This is so important. You can be raped pregnant by someone you never even saw, and decide to raise a champion. It is an incredibly tough decision. However, don’t let anyone tell you that abortion is the easier path. The easy way out never works out well.

If life hands you lemons, you don’t throw the lemons away, instead, you make lemonade

Therefore, abortion is about NOT giving another human a chance at life. You could say that you can never raise any human well, but all you need is to expose yourself to the help you need. No singular human being or even a couple is enough to raise a human being properly from childhood. Raising a child is a collective effort of several people. For example, there are several people who have influenced the kind of person I am today. It was never just my parents.

Would you agree now that abortion is murder? Actually, the gravest problem is not that it is murder, rather it is that it is a cruel judgment over an infant at the most innocent stage. Let me just stop that here.

Is abortion healthcare?

You can consider this part of the essay as the FAQ section.

Do people catch pregnancy, like the flu? No.

Is pregnancy a growth that just grows inside people? No.

Does pregnancy naturally lead to the deterioration of life? No.

Is pregnancy permanent? No. Even after you raise the child they become independent and leave you.

Does pregnancy have complications? Yes, and so does abortions.

Do people die at childbirth? Yes, but now very rare where good hospitals are. And yes, people die during abortions too.

Childbirth is perfectly legal. Do people still go to illegal centers to give birth? Yes!

Is childbirth good for the economy of a country? Yes!

What is the economic significance of abortions? They cost money (and often more than just money).

Doesn’t abortion give females the chance to ditch the responsibility of raising a child and focus on their careers when they are at that point that a baby would be a distraction? Well, maybe. However, they knew that before engaging in the very precise act. Also, having a baby is just a dumb excuse to lay down one’s career. There are myriads of women that have handled both and aced it. With the right help, even single mothers have been able to keep the gas pedal on their careers while raising children. So, it is not even a valid excuse.

What is the mental benefit of an abortion? It makes you feel you can do the same thing again and get away with it. Or at least, a thought in that direction at that crucial moment of sex.

Therefore, is abortion healthcare? No. It is a decision to kill another person’s chance at life.

What then is the best reproductive healthcare in this regard? Don’t get pregnant without planning to. And this is very easy and the default choice such that you have to make a conscious decision (not counting the misfortunes) to go against it.

Why is it that abortion is often medically argued to be healthcare? This is where I have to reply with a question:

Who would benefit the most if abortions become legal and common? Where will the money go?

I rest my case.

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