Abortion is NOT Healthcare

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Just looking at this picture, I am thinking what the societal impact will be if a company decides to brand pregnancy as the most beautiful thing in the world. (Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash).
  1. If we don’t speak up, the world may never see that our side of the argument is rational

“I don’t want the baby”. “I am not ready for a baby”.

This is the prime reason for abortions today. I believe it covers way more than 60% of the abortions that occur in the world today. I find this reason for abortion so funny and stupid. Let me explain.

People don’t get pregnant by hugging, kissing or playing. There is a definite and specific process that produces pregnancy and everybody knows it!

How can a grown lady in her right mind say her pregnancy was an accident? Just in case you don’t know how people get pregnant, I’ll explain it to you. Pregnancy results when a male person ejaculates (or releases sperm) into the female reproductive organ (aka the same place urine comes out from). When that condition is fulfilled and the timing is right pregnancy results.

Rape, Incest and other misfortunes

This is another point critical for discussion. Many use this as a justification for abortion. But is it? The statistics I have seen put this point at about 0.1% of all abortion cases. It is interesting that some want a law to be created based on 0.1% of all cases.

Too young to reproduce?

This is another point people raise in defense of abortions. Interestingly, I was at a lecture this week where I learned that African ladies got married in ancient times as early as 16 years. So what age exactly is too young? (Not saying the practice is a good one, just asking for a number to be put behind “too young”).

“Females are already dying in illegal abortions”

I heard this claim while scanning through TV and seeing some women protesting in Argentina. They want abortion legalized. If you skipped to this point, then, please go back to read from the top before making any comment.

Getting pregnant is NEVER an accident

It has always baffled me why abortion is the first thought that comes to people who get pregnant without truly expecting it. Very few consider marriage to the male person responsible. And this is often the most reasonable course of action. However, because marriage is an agreement and involves negotiations from both parties, the lady is already holding the short end of the stick. Also, people have their own perspectives on sex. That is not out of place. However, they cannot escape the consequence of their actions. The consequence may not come in the form of pregnancy, but the form it will show up in can be vile and deadly.

The government should pay for abortion?

Now, this is where I draw the line. You know, I have been considerate of other opinions and thoughts up to this point. This is where I can’t deal anymore.

If you are “anti-smart” enough to get pregnant without truly expecting it and you decide to abort it, fund it yourself!

Why should an innocent taxpayer somewhere pay for your “life’s mistake”? Plus, have you thought about the fact that the taxpayer may be vehemently against abortions? Why should a government take money from such a person and spend it on an issue that one is against? It is not like making new roads or building a park or maintaining a forest reserve. It is abortion. Hence, the government shouldn’t fund it at all. If you want a proper abortion and you can’t afford it, maybe you should create a crowdfunding campaign on one of those online crowdfunding platforms and let people who believe in what you want to do pay for it.

Population growth is good for the country

The population is one of the metrics to which a country is measured. Economic measurements (such as the GDP) are greatly affected by the population of a country. Also, military strength (which is important for negotiations in today’s world) is also greatly influenced by the population size. No sane country should be kicking themselves in the foot by making laws that sabotage their population strength.

Abortion is still murder

I don’t want to get into the moral and spiritual part of this argument. I will only do that privately for now. However, there are flickers from there that are useful here.

A child is not an extension of the parents

This is so crucial a point. Every child is independent of whoever brought them into the world. Yes, they begin by being dependent but they grow to be independent. I am not an extension of my parents in any way. I respect them, I am grateful to them, but I did not come to continue their life for them. Even when you name your child junior, it is just cool. The child’s life is independent of yours.

If you think about the fact that the child you are having is an independent person coming to take a shot at life, would you still want to abort?

Listen, what the child turns out to be in this world is not a factor of how the child was conceived. However, it is a factor of how the child was raised. I often make a remark that if a child was raised without the presence of the biological father (and it’s not like he is dead), the man was a sperm donor, not a parent. Parenting begins after the child is conceived.

If life hands you lemons, you don’t throw the lemons away, instead, you make lemonade

Therefore, abortion is about NOT giving another human a chance at life. You could say that you can never raise any human well, but all you need is to expose yourself to the help you need. No singular human being or even a couple is enough to raise a human being properly from childhood. Raising a child is a collective effort of several people. For example, there are several people who have influenced the kind of person I am today. It was never just my parents.

Is abortion healthcare?

You can consider this part of the essay as the FAQ section.

Therefore, is abortion healthcare? No. It is a decision to kill another person’s chance at life.

What then is the best reproductive healthcare in this regard? Don’t get pregnant without planning to. And this is very easy and the default choice such that you have to make a conscious decision (not counting the misfortunes) to go against it.

Who would benefit the most if abortions become legal and common? Where will the money go?

I rest my case.

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