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David O.
2 min readApr 28, 2023
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I guess I should make a sample composition here. Seems necessary since I am focusing on music now. It’s going to be hard to write an original without a rhythm. And that is also a prime asset. So, I won’t do that. Instead, I will write a cover.

The song I am writing a cover for is — Grace Kelly by Mika

But I am not writing for the whole song. That would be difficult to imagine too. So, I am just focusing on the chorus, which is the popular section of the song online. It is known as the Grace Kelly Challenge.

It got popular when actors, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, did the challenge on YouTube over a year ago while filming the Christmas movie — Spirited.

I wrote an extension to the part they sang in the same rhythm and sequence. In my writing, the first verse is the chorus of the song as recorded by Mika (the original singer). But the next 8 verses are my compositions. Making it 9 in total.

But first, listen to the rhythm as sung by Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell:


I can be brown

I can be blue

I can be violet sky

I can be hurtful, I can be purple

I can be anything you like


They got the dreams

They got the bills

They got the basket of doubt

They got the chauffeur in the city

And a plan to pan out


It started smooth

It started crude

Filled with optimism juice

The sour taste of disappointment

And unrhythmic blues


We got the heart

We got a spine

We got a gigantic mind

We got a slice of super success

And a mouth-watering more


We gonna crawl

We gonna run

We gonna swim and still fly

We gonna chant it, we gonna sing it

Till our voices go dry


Not gonna cry

Not gonna mourn

Not gonna “I don’t know why”

Not gonna whining, not gonna sigh-ing

Not gonna turn back goodbye


We got the shades

We got the blades

We got our eyes open wide

We got the pencil and the sketches

Imagination grow wild


Bury the tools

Ignore the fools

Make way the “I like this” huh

Has to be cheerful, has to be laugh-full

That the kids find it cool


I can be grey

I can be May

I can be marmalade sour

I can be introverted happy

I can be anything I like

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