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It's not the assets they buy

You have probably heard it many times — the rich buy assets and the poor spend their money on liabilities. This is the popular view about why the rich get richer. But there is more to it. This is because many of the assets the rich buys are also bought by regular people. Yet, the gap is still wide. For example, lots of people own stocks and they aren’t rich. The upper-middle-class often gets as much money as the rich but if they lose their jobs, they will move closer to the poor. …

Have you ever sat down to write a list of what you want?

People don’t become rich by magic. Some get lucky but everyone needs hard work to stay there. There are so many opportunities to be wealthy in the world today. It is so much that you wonder how people are poor. An offer to make millions pass by them every day. But they never take notice. They keep seeking money and where they can be paid. They make fun of things that can make them millions. Then, they wonder why they are not rich.


  • The falsehood about getting rich
  • The offer to make millions
  • How to get what you want
  • What…

Not the kind of support group you are thinking though

The journey to financial success is independent and personal, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. You don’t have to go at it, by yourself all alone. You should have a support group. But the support group is not for care and encouragement. Instead, the support group is for accountability. This is because where there is measurement and accountability, there is massive progress.

Nobody Makes It Alone

This is just the truth. Every successful person you know today has had help one way or the other from other people. Nobody makes it alone.

The media makes it seems like successful entrepreneurs are…

He got rid of texts

This tip is “ethically” stolen from a private podcast. Productivity is one thing most entrepreneurs struggle with. Initially, it seems like time management will never be a challenge. But suddenly, finding time becomes an issue, and every minute counts.

This tip is from Sharran Srivatsaa, an entrepreneur who has had 5 exits and best known for scaling a real estate company from $300 million to $3.4 billion in 5 years. And he wished he started doing it earlier because it made a world of difference. He got rid of texts. And replaced them with voice messages. Why is that so…

Do you want to enjoy the conversation or you want to grow?

If you enjoy all the conversations you are having, you can be sure you are not growing. Of course, time never stops ticking and your body grows but you sure are not making progress in life. True progress is birthed in discomfort. You become a richer, better, and more successful person by having conversations that you don't enjoy. Those are the conversations that force you to grow. This is why people who are easily offended are always at the bottom of the wealth pyramid.

Do You Want to be Right or You Want to be Rich?

It is surprising when countries appoint people who haven't handled wealth to run certain aspects of…

After you get famous, you can ignore the principle

What is the one word you can say to a person that will make them hand you money? Is there a magic word like that? If there is, don’t you think people would be immune to it already? But there is a strategy that works. And you see it every day but you maybe haven’t noticed it. Have you noticed that successful entrepreneurs that sell some sort of service are active on almost every social media platform? They know the secret. It is not one word. It is to be in your face as much as possible, every day. …

Setting your bar high for success

If you believe you need to have a lot of money before feeling rich, you are mistaken. Money is a product of doing what rich people do. This is why banks would give loans to people who appear rich and would often ignore people they know are not rich. Your financial result will always be a reflection of who you think you are — not who you actually are.

This is why it is dangerous for those who when their kids ask them for something, respond with phrases like, “who do you think I am, Bill Gates?”

Money alone won't make you rich

Being rich and…

They heard the same thing and even got started at the same time

You must have seen this before. Two people in the same bad financial condition. They have access to the same things. They get exposed to the same information. In fact, they both got started at almost the same time. But one grows rich and the other just remained the same. This reveals a very profound reality. Knowledge is great, but you can't teach hunger.

Knowledge is not the difference-maker

It is important to learn and to know. This is because, without knowledge, you won't see what is possible. Learning what is possible doesn't mean that the results will show up right away.

People say experience…

What you can expect

What is so different about Clubhouse? There are several reasons people find it amazing. The chief of those reasons is that people in most countries have not been allowed to get together for a while. And the app gives them the virtual environment to do so. However, it is different for me.

Audio only. No recording. This is perfect!

Instagram is great but it doesn't intrigue me in any way. At least, not at this stage of my life. Maybe later.

Right now, voice (and no video) appeals to me above all else. …

What are book opportunities?

Over the last few months, I had the opportunity of befriending the bestselling author of Paperboy, Dr. Tony Macaulay. His book, Paperboy, tells the story of the conflict in Northern Ireland in the 1970s from the eyes of a 12-year-old. We discussed several things that pertain to writing and publishing a book. As an author of several books, he told me that he has made as much as 20 times more from the opportunities he got from his book than actual book sales.

So, what are those opportunities?

1. Theatre rights

Most authors don't pay attention to theatre rights. And they mostly sell…

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