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Most people say they can, but can they?

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A few years ago, the 50 billion dollar man, Dan Peña, created a challenge (as he explains in this video at 4:23) for the mentees on his email list. The reward of executing the challenge was the priceless jewel of coming for the castle seminar he hosts in his castle home. The challenge sounds simple but the participation rate was alarming. There were about 50,000 recipients of the email with the challenge. The challenge was to go to dealerships of exotic cars like Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and act as a buyer. The goal is to take selfies and pictures to…

It is not about improving your skills

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The highest-paid people in any industry are those who believe they are worthy of being paid the highest amount. This is not about being the best. As you well know, the best and the most expensive are often different. The best is subject to individual preferences. But there is a reason people pay a high amount for any product or service. Most people want to be paid more highly, but they secretly believe they are not worthy of it.

Working Harder is Not the Answer

A lot of people are still stuck with the thinking of a corporate lifestyle. Even if they don’t have a corporate…

The beginning of all successes

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The definition of a rich and prosperous life is not the same for everybody. Some want to be famous and live in a 9,675 sq ft luxury mansion. Some want a huge bank account (or investment account) while they drive Toyota with regular people. Some want the red Ferrari that makes people want to take a picture of their car every time it is parked. Some want to be chauffeured in the Rolls Royce. Some want to live on a yacht while traveling around the world. …

Taking the financial pressure off

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The best possible way for most people to create a wonderful financial life is to be distracted from the seriousness of their financial status. You can’t get out of debt by thinking about debt. You can’t grow rich when you are feeling financial pressure from all sides and taking it in. Instead, turn your finances into a fun game and take life less seriously.

The Idea

The idea is a very simple one. List out all your monthly expenses from the most expensive to the least expensive. Then, use it as a checklist at the end of each month.

Your goal must…

Now, I am craving success stories

A few years ago when I started writing on this platform, I never knew I would touch so many lives. I have never considered myself a writer. Writing was a skill I used to convey my thoughts. The only reason I became focused on the subject of money and financial success was that it was impacting so many people.

I have stayed with this and produced so much inspiring content that it is starting to get boring. Not that I am running out of things to write, but quite the opposite. There are more things to write. There are more…

The concept of swapping thoughts

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Your greatest hindrance to a life of wealth and prosperity is that story you keep telling yourself and other people. Most people are experts at talking themselves out of good things. They have created conditions and beliefs that control their prosperity. They prepare for lack when the news says that the economy isn’t good. And when the economy is good, they find something to worry about until the economy gets down again. Why not just allow yourself to be rich?

You Don’t Need to Know What is Going On

The greatest deception in the world today is the idea that everybody needs to know what is going on in…

Make success so darn easy for you

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Did you know that your business success is significantly dependent on your personality traits? This means that if you are running a business model that is not the right fit for your person, brand, and the way you love to do things, success will be hard. Your business model needs to be in alignment with your type of person. This is how success comes very smoothly and easily. The one word that explains why some people grow rich with very little effort is — archetype. If your business is in alignment with your archetype, you will make millions so easily…

Understanding the phrase, “vibrational alignment”

Photo by Léo Vinícius from Pexels

You will always get anything that you are in vibrational alignment with. It doesn’t matter how big it is or how small it is. So then, the big question is what is vibrational alignment and how can you have vibrational alignment with what you want?

Understanding Vibrational Alignment

This is an understanding that has been available in the world for many centuries. But it is becoming increasingly popular every day by people who understand and teach the law of attraction such as Bob Proctor. The basis for the law of attraction is the law of vibration.

And the law of vibration states that…

Generosity, gratitude, and how great opportunities come

The Rolls Royce Cullinan. Photo by Ajmal MK on Unsplash

You can’t get rich by being cheap. It seems simple yet many people miss it. Most people say they don’t have money and hence have to be cheap. But that is not true. They are cheap because they were raised to be cheap. The opposite of cheap (in this context) is generosity. And generosity begins with the simplest things. Generosity begins with gratitude. And gratitude creates opportunities.

Love Where You Are

You cannot change the world for the better if you think the world is damaged. You have to see the beauty in the world first. …

Wealth accelerators are very different from startup or business accelerators

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

Wealth accelerators are not programs by investors and successful entrepreneurs to help startup founders. Instead, they are resources that give an unfair advantage to anyone in business. A wealth accelerator will get you to a new level of financial success even if the world doesn’t think you deserve it. There are five specific wealth accelerators you should know:

Celebrity Endorsement

When a celebrity endorses what you do, it is almost certain that your business will go viral and you will break into a new level of success. This is different from influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is in a league of its own…

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