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You can call it luck, but there is a method to it

Regardless of what you do, there is someone who is not as good as you currently are who is making more money. The secret is in something most people think so little about — the environment. Who you do business with determines to a large extent the kind of money you will earn. And some people become millionaires so fast because they are in an environment where millions circulate easily. That is one reason, but there is more.

This Makes a Huge Difference

A wise man once said that if you find a very successful person in business in the 20s or early 30s, check…

Setting your bar high for success

If you believe you need to have a lot of money before feeling rich, you are mistaken. Money is a product of doing what rich people do. This is why banks would give loans to people who appear rich and would often ignore people they know are not rich. Your financial result will always be a reflection of who you think you are — not who you actually are.

This is why it is dangerous for those who when their kids ask them for something, respond with phrases like, “who do you think I am, Bill Gates?”

Money alone won't make you rich

Being rich and…

Have you ever sat down to write a list of what you want?

People don’t become rich by magic. Some get lucky but everyone needs hard work to stay there. There are so many opportunities to be wealthy in the world today. It is so much that you wonder how people are poor. An offer to make millions pass by them every day. But they never take notice. They keep seeking money and where they can be paid. They make fun of things that can make them millions. Then, they wonder why they are not rich.


  • The falsehood about getting rich
  • The offer to make millions
  • How to get what you want
  • What…

Create your own asset class

If you think money is a reward for work done, you will miss several earning opportunities. Every time you seek more money, you will be looking for more work. You don’t work for money — you work to be fulfilled. And when you work, you create assets that can keep producing income for you long after you have done the work. This is the way to earn high with less work.

Most people are struggling financially today because they don't know what is possible. They are looking for work that the value is validated. …

A nonlinear approach to enrich your financial life

The smart way to earn a lot more money is to leverage other people’s resources, thus building multiple sources of income. Other people’s resources could be in form of effort, skill, money, reputation, brand, systems, and more. When you find someone passionate about their business in a related field to yours, building a partnership relationship with them will surely multiply your income.

Many entrepreneurs fail because they try to do it all on their own. They work hard and they get burned out. Why don't you let other people earn you money while they do the work they love.

Average people do not recognize their genius


Yes. Here is why...

Money is man-made. Money is not a finite resource, as much as conventional wisdom will like to make you believe it is. Money is an idea. Throughout history, several things have been used as money. Things like salt, silver, gold, grain, paper, and more recently digital codes (cryptocurrency). Therefore, money doesn’t make people poor or rich. The financial status of people has been a reflection of their minds and environment.

Everybody can be rich

The essence of Rich Culture is founded on the idea that everybody can be rich. Of course, there will still be ultra-rich people. But it can be such that everybody…

What to do if you feel stuck

The skills and capabilities that made you your first $1,000 are different from the ones that made you your first $10,000. If you are trying to do more of what got you to $1,000 to get to $10,000, you will wear yourself out. Not just that, it won't work. To reach a new level of wealth, you must be willing to let go of the things that brought you to your current level so that there can be room for the things that will take you to your next level. Think about that.

There is no such thing as something for nothing

There are too many people in life…

Dance like no one is watching

A business venture you came up with (in your head) will appeal to logic. And it is hard to sell by logic. Instead, when a business venture comes from your heart, you give everything to it. You find it easy to do all it takes to succeed when you are building a business from your heart. You want it to succeed, not because of the money but because of the heartfelt sense of purpose that drives you. And those ventures would be your richest.

Dance Like No One is Watching

If you ask someone who doesn't dance in public if they know how to dance, what…

Turning head full of ideas into hands full of money

Ideas don’t make bank. Ideas are not worth anything tangible. Executed ideas are worth everything. When you add good ideas to a brilliant executing team, you can build a business empire worth millions and billions. The point here is that you need just one idea to build a fortune — not many ideas.

The true nature of ideas

The problem of many people is that they have too many ideas. In most cases, the ideas are not even brilliant. But we all assume our ideas are, especially when we first had them.

But you need to understand that ideas are not exclusive. This means that…

The reverse psychology of wealth creation

The process of wealth creation is a circle. This means whatever point you start on the circle really doesn't matter. Most people only know one starting point. But you can reverse the process. Meaning that you go to the end, and you build backward to the present. So, instead of trying to get $50K, you spend the money and build backward to having it.

The idea is that if you know what to do with money, you will figure out how to get it. …

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