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Everything is wrong with that idea

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In 1982, Venezuela was the richest major economy in Latin America. In 1998, they voted for a socialist president on the basis of “income inequality” who resumed office in February 1999 and gained control over the 3 arms of government in 2001. By 2004, the private healthcare of the country became completely socialized. All their higher education became free with their 1999 constitution. …

P.S. It’s not about the money

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Most online service providers sell on a subscription basis. As a customer, you must have seen it countless times — the free, pro, and executive plans. The free plan gets you to get started with the basic service. The pro plan gives you almost everything an individual needs and the executive is the plan for teams. Some have 4 plans and more but the idea is the same.

Most people opt into the free plan but they get reluctant to upgrade to pro. In some other cases, people don’t even opt-in with the free plan because the feature that drove them to the service is not available unless they upgrade. …

Get featured on Rich Culture

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No two success stories are the same. Even when they are very similar, there are still differences that appeal differently to people. If you have attained some remarkable success (in the area of finances), there is at least one person that would be inspired by your story. Let’s help you share it.


  • The benchmark
  • Conditions for reaching out
  • Interview format
  • What’s in it for you
  • How to get started

The Benchmark

This is Rich Culture. Even though this publication understands that success is more than making money, we would only be focusing on financial success. And there is a benchmark for that.

The categories…

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