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Making smart financial decisions

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Many people just want to own a house. They want a piece of real estate that is absolutely theirs. They want to be proud homeowners. And sometimes that stems from the fact that they had a difficult childhood. Perhaps the parents had no home they can call theirs, and that becomes the billboard of the difficult childhood experience. And hence the dream to own a house.

For others, owning a house is a symbol of maturity. It is a sign that you have aced adulthood. …

Two exercises to achieve recognition-success

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Success in life is more than having money. There can be an award that is worth more than a million dollars to a person. There can be an invitation that is worth tens of millions to you. That is because the moment you have that award or achievement, the other things on your list becomes very easy to achieve. There are millionaires who know how to make the money but have not experienced much success with awards and recognition. This is because there is a slightly different way to go about this.

Unlike a financial goal, a recognition achievement cannot be attained by sheer grit and hard work. Some are connected to finances but you can have the money and you still won't get the award. …

Stop waiting for an opportunity

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You don't get rich by taking advantage of opportunities created by others. You get rich by creating opportunities for other people. This is what people don't know that makes them suffer for a long time. They are waiting for an opportunity from someone. They are waiting for someone to do something that will benefit them. It could be the mayor, the industry regulators, the president of the country, etc. That position where you expect something good for you to come from other people is not a good place to be.

What will make you significantly richer than you are right now is something that is totally in your jurisdiction. Too many people are waiting for something that is not in their power. They are waiting for recruitment by their dream company. They are waiting for a huge government contract. They are waiting for someone to notice how brilliant they are and give them an opportunity. …

Take that first step

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If you spend your life trying not to be embarrassed, you will find it very hard to become wealthy. Rich people have no issues with embarrassing themselves. That is why they are rich. Society label the risk of embarrassment bold and courageous when it ends well. When it doesn’t end up well, it becomes an embarrassment.

Regular people see that embarrassment and wish never to have any part in it. Meanwhile, they want success. You can't have success without the risk of embarrassment.

When you first come up with the desire to make more money, it is very unlikely that the people around you will support you. They will start preaching about contentment. That is when they start preaching about appreciation and gratitude for your current financial state because a lot of people are having it far worse. …

Using barter trades in these modern times

The way to earning a lot of money is to not chase it. Everybody wants the best value for their money. The more someone is mainly interested in how much you can pay, the more reluctant you will be to do business with them. Everybody wants business partners and associates that are more interested in the success of the business than the money they will earn.

If you have read the book, If you want to be rich don't work for money, one of the main ideas is to refrain from working for money. Why? …

We don't have enough rich people

Most people think getting rich is something for yourself. But after a certain level, it is no longer for yourself. When you move from earning 4-figures to earning 5-figures, your life changes. When you move from 5-figures to 6-figures, the change is less obvious. Unless you have a targeted lifestyle, much of your life isn't going to change as you grow richer from 6-figures.

Most people stop making efforts to grow at this point because they don't need more. But the purpose of growth is not just for you but for those around you. Whether you like it or not, some people are watching you to determine how successful they can be. …

The rich, millionaire life is better

Enjoy the cuteness! (Photo by Katie E from Pexels)

Recently, I asked myself what made me different from everyone that talks about success, prosperity, abundance, and the rich life. So many things came to my mind but other people could say the same. Some were too deep and cannot be communicated in simple words. But one seems to stand out. I understand poverty better than most people who talk about it. And this is not a cool thing to brag about.

If I told you that I came from a poor family, I would be lying to you. You have to understand that poverty is relative to the environment. If I was raised in New York with the financial capacity of my parents, maybe it would have qualified as poverty. …

The first 4 rules of money for a super-rich life

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You will enjoy a life of wealth and abundance if you value excellence over money. Most people spend their lives working for money and end up with very little. Others found out the rules of money whether purposefully or accidentally and they are now in a position where they can't run out of money. This is because they know how to get it back if it runs out.

This is what everybody else doesn't get. They think money is a sort of thing people have to sweat for. But the reality is that money doesn't like sweat. Money doesn't like desperation. Money runs away from people chasing after it. …

Your richest moments will probably be little ones

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The first time she walked past me, she was saying something I couldn’t figure out. The language doesn’t sound familiar at all. I just gave a smile and she walked past. She doesn’t seem too satisfied with my smile. I thought she was just saying hi. And smiling is a universal language. Little did I know I was about to learn something about giving.

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I forgot about her and decided to go warn a group that appears they will miss their flight. Apparently, they didn’t understand a word of English too. When I couldn’t make any communication breakthrough, I decided to walk around and come back to my seat. …

You don’t build an image of the money you want to have, rather…

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Many people want to get rich but they are going about it the wrong way. They think getting rich is all about making money. But it is much more than that. There is something more important than the money you make. And that is the image you have of yourself. That image determines the amount of money you make.

You don’t build up the image of the money you want to have, rather you build up the image of the person you want to be

The big secret of success is that you start from the end. You don't begin by wishing. If you wish for success, you will never have it. If you wish for it and work towards it, you still may never get it. But if you build an image of yourself as a rich person, you may still miss good opportunities but you will eventually get what you want. …

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