7 Subjects Schools Don’t Teach That The Real World Tests

And the tests begin even before school is over

David O.
6 min readJan 19, 2020


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For most people reading this, you didn’t have to decide to go to school. You grew up in school. You knew yourself going to school.

The school system has become an integral part of our society. Most of us had no idea what the real world was really like until we left school. This is because all we ever knew was school days, weekends and holidays. And this is what conditions our minds for employee life.

School gives us basic education and later prepares us for a job. But the reality of the real world just sits in one corner smiling. Today, a good number of people are not working with what they studied in school. And a lot of people are smacked in the face with problems they never knew they could have.

In many cases, those problems are things that should be taught in school. But for one reason or the other, schools don’t teach it. They just expect that you magically learn it. And most people learn by trial and error.

I agree that life will re-teach some things regardless of what school does. But school should at least do something to lay the groundwork. The funny thing is that the lack of knowledge about these things by many people grow to affect society at large. For example, the student loan is one of the biggest debt problems in the US right now.

Here are some of the subjects schools don’t teach and the real-world tests:

1. Money

Schools don’t teach about money. They teach about math and do arithmetic, but no education about money and how it works. I believe the subject of money is just as important as basic arithmetics. After all, the arithmetics will be useful in the real world because of money.

You would be surprised at how many people won’t be using arithmetics in real life if not because of money. If that then is the case, why do we teach math in schools and not money?

What does it mean to teach money? First, to teach the history of money. With an ignorance about that history, people have preconditioned themselves to earn it. They become money’s slave just because they don’t understand it.



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