7 Subjects Schools Don’t Teach That The Real World Tests

And the tests begin even before school is over

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1. Money

Schools don’t teach about money. They teach about math and do arithmetic, but no education about money and how it works. I believe the subject of money is just as important as basic arithmetics. After all, the arithmetics will be useful in the real world because of money.

2. Taxes

I know people study taxes as part of their profession. In fact, it is a specialized knowledge. But everything begins from the basics. Schools should teach a subject that educates about taxes. Everybody will have to deal with taxes one way or another.

3. Dressing

I think schools should teach a subject on ‘dressing’. It doesn’t mean they teach how to dress. That would be subjective. But they should teach why different noble professionals dress the way they do. And they should break down the dress pattern of noble professionals. It definitely shouldn’t be on the basis of fashion though.

4. Criticism

Whether you like it or not, criticism is now part of our society. With social media, it is now off the hook as anybody can criticize from anywhere. And with younger people trying enterprising things especially on the internet, people need to be taught criticism as a subject in school.

5. Failure

Failure as a subject would be cool. To be honest, I would be one of the students who will hate the class initially. The school system trains us to dread failure. And this keeps us from taking chances in life. I think how to deal with failure would be an excellent exercise.

6. How to make friends

In school, we teach language but we don’t teach communication. People grow up with this idea of themselves being able to do certain things and not being able to do others, based on personality. And it constitutes a very limiting belief.

7. Social media usage

I think we have gotten to the point where we need a subject on social media in school. This is not about teaching students how to use social media. They already know that. It is not about teaching them what social media can do for them. They also don’t need to be told that.

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