7 cool Twitter features you don’t know

At least one will be new to you (for the android app though)

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Twitter is an extremely creative social media. It keeps evolving every day. The users love it and they see themselves as part of an elite community that can express themselves with a play of few words. The platform is filled with so many opportunities to be informed, to connect and stay in touch with things we care about. However, there are a lot of features on the platform that many do not know.

This is to get you introduced to 7 features on Twitter that can enhance and inporve your experience on the platform. And they are:

1. Lists

Many people don’t know this exists. And they miss the awesome benefit of it. A list is a way of arranging the people you want to see their tweets in an organized way. If for example, you want a timeline that is filled with business news, instead of following all the business news channels and let them flood your timeline, you can create a list. You don’t have to follow the people you add to the list. You can add as many people as you want on the list and also create as many lists as you want.

On the Twitter app, you’ll see the ‘lists' feature on the menu bar (with the other options). The menu bar appears when you tap your profile image on the top left corner. When you get to ‘lists’, you will find a button at the bottom right. When you click that, it will take you to the form to create a new list. You can either make the list private (meaning that only you can see it) or public (everybody can see it). After creating the list, you will need to add people (or accounts). You just have to get to the profile page of the account you want to add to the list, tap the 3 vertical dots at the top right corner and you will get a dropdown option. Pick the option, ‘add to list’. The lists you have will then show up and you will pick the list you want to add the account to.

So, anytime you want, you can just go to ‘lists' on your Twitter menu bar, tap on the list name and you will see the tweets of those accounts you added on a timeline of its own.

2. QR code

I never knew it existed until I saw it. Apparently, you can have people get to your account by scanning your QR code. This is instead of trying to memorize your username (for those who have complex usernames). To see your QR code, go to your profile, tap the 3 vertical dots at the top right corner and you will see the option there; QR code. Or you go to your Twitter menu bar and by the extreme bottom right of that menu bar, you would see the QR code icon. Just tap it.

3. Bookmark tweet

So, you saw a tweet, you don’t want to retweet it, you definitely don’t want to favorite it, but you still want to keep it as a reference perhaps for the near future. This is now possible. All you have to do is to tap the tweet and let the individual tweet load. Just below the tweet with the retweet icon and favorite (or love) icon is the share icon. Tap on the share icon and you will see the option, ‘bookmark tweet’. Tap that and it is bookmarked!

If you want to see everything you have bookmarked, just go to your Twitter menu bar and below ‘lists’, you would find ‘bookmarks’. Tap on bookmarks and you’ll see all you’ve bookmarked.

4. Night mode

Initially when I began to see a dark blue themed Twitter, I thought people downloaded skins for the app. But lo, it’s not so! You can change the skin (i.e. look) and feel of your twitter by going into night mode. When you make your Twitter menu bar come up on the left, look at the bottom of the menu bar. On the extreme left of the bottom is a moon icon. Just tap it. And of course, you can change it back to daylight mode by doing the same thing when in night mode.

5. Moments

What are moments for? Apparently, you can turn a couple of tweets (that you find connected) into a slideshow format. And then share it with your followers or just keep it to yourself. On your Twitter menu, go to ‘moments' and then tap the create icon at the bottom right. You will create a title for the moment, and then a subtitle. Then you will add the tweets you want to and then save it. Also, the amazing thing there is that you can start now, leave it unfinished to finish it later.

6. $ hashtag

The hashtag most people are accustomed to is #. But there is another one now; $. Apparently if you put this sign before any word or group of letters, it becomes a keyword like a hashtag. The crypto community on Twitter uses this feature so well.

7. Tweet alert

Get notified on your phone when someone tweets. You can enable and disable this at your will. If you have an account you want timely information from, you can do this to know when they tweet so that you can see what they said in time. You activate this by going to the profile of the account. You have to be following the account. Right next to the follow button is the button with the bell icon. Just tap it and turn it blue like the follow button and you will get notified on your device when the account tweets.

There are many features still expected from Twitter, like the ability to edit a tweet. But the few ones highlighted here can add so much bliss to your Twitter experience. Cheers!

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