My LinkedIn profile story

I joined Medium for two major reasons. The first; for the community. I had this impression in recent times that I should mingle on an online community. Perhaps make some global friends. And when I saw Medium, I felt it could meet that need. The second reason is that I found a platform to unleash another version of my writing. And the pay per clap really got my attention. Not the fact of earning through writing, but the challenge of having to earn a clap plus having a financial reward tied to it. Talk about New Venture 2018; this was it!

Sometimes around my first year in uni, in the era of opening accounts of different online platforms, I created a LinkedIn account. I can’t really remember what warranted it then, but I knew I did and my email inbox kept me aware. Don’t even think I opened the account more than twice during the school years. Entering the job market should have made me go back to it, but I opted against the regular job life. So there the account was, lying redundant. And I didn’t care because only one person cared to connect with me on LinkedIn and it was just the ‘I know you, you know me' cliché. That was few years ago. Then it happened.

What’s the connection between Medium and LinkedIn? My first post here didn’t do quite so well, but then I stuck to why I got in; the community. Started clapping and responding. Then I got the first warning; 21 searches for me on LinkedIn. Why are people looking for me all of a sudden? Maybe LinkedIn decided to give me a shot after all these years to make my account active? But then, it could be Medium. So I took the bait and logged in to my LinkedIn account. It was as bare as a bald man’s hair history. What it will take to get it up to speed, I am not ready yet. Let’s hope nobody thinks it’s related to me. After all, I shouldn’t be the only person in the corporate world with my name.

Claps, responses, more claps, more responses. Next thing I saw; 450+ searches for me on LinkedIn 😱. This has to be Medium. I am not ready to have a profile on LinkedIn at this time. (By June or July, I should make a good one). The major reason is because the things I want to have on my profile, I’m still working on them. I want to show proof, not ramble in fancy English. This is to appease anyone who has searched me on LinkedIn.

And by the way, I’m finding Medium interesting

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