10K Appreciation Post

I started 2020 with less than 3,000 followers on Medium. Before this, I treated my writing on Medium as a hobby. But as I took it more seriously and made myself accountable, the progress became more and more visible.

Today, I hit the 10K mark. And I want to appreciate everyone that follows me on this platform. I do not merely consider my followers as fans of my work. I consider you as someone who has given me a privileged entrance into your mind. Many things fight for people’s attention today. Thank you for giving me that few minutes to share a new perspective (or an inspiring piece) with you.

I appreciate all the publications I’ve worked with — The Startup, Entrepreneurs Handbook, Better Marketing, Publishous, Data Driven Investor (to name a few). I appreciate all the editors too.

I appreciate the writers I have interacted with during the course of the year, especially those that have been generous with their insight. Thank you.

I appreciate the Medium team for running this platform. It can be a challenge sometimes, but what would the world be like without good faith in each other 😊

And finally, I appreciate my readers. This is especially those who read, highlight and clap consistently. You know yourself. I see every clap, highlight, and comment. And for those who read without making any impression too — thank you.

Some people who found me here actually got me to have a call with them. And it was great. Cheers to them too.

Some offered me a job/position/work as a result of reading my articles here. Thank you also.

Some found my work so good that they wanted me to come into their organization to play a role on a consulting basis. (And I did work with one). Thank you to all of them.

A big thank you to those who wrote a review for my book after reading it.

Also, thank you to those who were bold enough to pitch me their stuff and ask for critical (and honest) feedback.

Thank you to those who asked me thought-provoking questions that eventually led me to write another article to answer it.

A big thank you to those who shared my articles with their audience and made those articles viral. You made my articles hit a jackpot.

A super big thank you to those who recommended my content to their friends and loved ones. I may never know what you did but I know my stats aren’t rising solely based on my efforts.

Earlier in this year 2020, I fantasized about have 26K followers by the end of the year. I almost laughed it off because it was close to impossible since traction is difficult to control on Medium. But then, I thought about 10K. That is plausible before the end of the year.

And here we are, at the Christmas week, and I reached 10K. I can only be grateful.

So, what now? 60K followers by the end of 2021? That would be a lovely milestone. But my mind is set on something bigger. I'd let you know as it unfolds.

Going forward, I will focus on writing articles in my niche only. And that will be majorly centered on my publication — Rich Culture

I promise to always deliver a fresh perspective that is inspiring, thought-provoking, educative, and enlightening.

Thank you once again,


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