10 Things About Me

Geez, can this be over already

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I am not a fan of pictures, so I am groot, I am groot, I am groot, I am groot. (Groot is a Marvel character and I saw this picture somewhere online)

Erm, first I want to say this wasn’t my idea. So I am not trying to be proud or something. Gail Boenning tagged me in the challenge and I don’t want to look rude. However, I have not done anything like this before, so I’ll give it a shot.

There is a more cogent reason for me doing this. I understand just how lack of identity can be a problem. There are opportunities people have missed just because those who wanted to give them the chance weren’t sure about their identity. A lot of people prefer the devil they know to an angel they don’t know. For me, I’d rather get to know the angel but everybody is different. So, I do this for opportunities' sake.

Ten things about me:

#1 — Christian. And I don’t mean churchgoer. A very deliberate Christian. I study and find out for myself. I don’t allow anyone to lie to me. I dig out truth from the scriptures and use it to mold my life. If the mold doesn’t stick, I just dig more to find what sticks. Still young and helping others with what I know that works.

#2 — Rich. I consider being rich as a state. Staying in that state over time will produce remarkable wealth. I am already in that state. My cash inflow is gradually becoming phenomenal from my different sources of income. I plan to be billionaire wealthy.

#3 — Giver. I give easily, but I don’t donate. There is a difference. Donating is more like throwing spare money around. I am too meticulous for that. I give towards a cause towards a measurable result. I also give to bless people. I have done some notable reckless giving.

#4 — Intelligent. I’m not bragging. Constantly among top 10 through my school days. Was 2nd and 3rd often. Grades dropped in uni because I lost interest in my course of study after the first semester. I knew what was responsible for my school performance; I knew how to pay attention. I can remember when I started reading for exams. I never had to for the first 7–8 years of my schooling. I just listened in class and I will comfortably be able to recall everything during the exams. Plus, I don’t cram. I’ve kept that virtue till date because I recognized it early. I love the Spirit.

#5 — Friend. I believe in friendship. “Relationship” is a scam. I saw lots of friends get into “relationship” and then get out. It made no sense to me. Some of their gfs confided in me things they could not tell their bfs. That official relationship status brings an obligation to friendship and hence kills the fun and thrill. Everybody gets infatuation, but it is never permanent. Often, the “relationship” ends up as core enmity. I laugh at those who claim to be back at being just friends. I mean, that’s so awkward. So, what about marriage then? Marriage is a different thing entirely. It has nothing to do with the bf/gf craziness (in my opinion). So, I make friends and keep them as friends.

#6 — Educator. I love to teach. I make complex things simple. I enjoy enlightening people who are willing to learn about something I know.

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A project I did in 2017. It exemplifies my passion for education

#7 — Writer. I have been writing even before my uni days. That is about 10 years ago now. I write down my insights and plans. I have a big box filled with my parchments and notes.

#8 — Strategic Creator. I am very strategic and organized. Everything I use has its place. I know how to maintain things. People are often surprised at how well I maintain my gadgets. Also, I think and create. I believe in answers and in getting answers. My philosophy of success is, eliminating the chances of failure. If I ever set my aim on something, I will surely get it but it could take some time. And I am so calm and patient with my strategies.

#9 — Like watching movies. Action movies with strategy moves is my thing. I have seen some good ones but generally, the quality of movies from my perspective is decreasing every day. It seems only Marvel is trying. And of course, Japanese animes. I like them so much for their strategies in battle. I even prefer the subtitled ones and not ones where they speak English.

#10 — I don’t care. Finally, I am not a fan of sympathy and empathy. Like, what’s the point of crying over spilled milk? I also dislike people sympathizing or empathizing with me. Instead of that, do something! Buy me something; don’t tell me ‘sorry’. That’s what I try to do for others too. Of course, there are times where one just needs the comfort of other people, I recognize that. But that doesn’t have to be in sympathy or empathy. And I don’t expect it to be in situations of sympathy or empathy. If I show you the right way and you go ahead with the wrong way then later you get burned, I will not move a muscle. I definitely would not laugh at you, but also I would not cry or “comfort” you. I will only render the same help I was willing to render before you went the wrong way.

Ha, glad this is over. Back to tech I hope.

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