10 Reasons Nigeria is the World’s Best Place to Have a Raw, Wild, Crazy, Fun-filled Adventure

A guide for a fun trip you will remember for the rest of your life

The Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge. Photo by Kayode Ajayi

The best summary I can give you is that if you are traveling to Nigeria, you need a guide and a plan. Otherwise, you won’t have much fun.

Before we go into the reasons, I need to emphasize that this is about a fun trip and not a vacation. If you need a vacation, you might be thinking of an island somewhere, lovely countryside, or one of the quiet towns of Europe.

What you get is such places is peace, tranquility, and rest. You don’t get any fun. You could make some fun but it won’t be like when you plan a fun trip. Of course, a fun trip could be during your vacation but it must be clear to you that the purpose is FUN.

There are many places in the world you can go to have fun. I admit that. But if you really love having fun, you want to have it in all shapes and sizes. So you can travel to any country you like in the world that promises to be fun. But you don’t want to enjoy the same fun twice. This is simply because you only live once. People who love having fun would understand that.

I can assure you that the fun you are set to have in Nigeria will be on a completely different wavelength from anything you have experienced in any country. And I have my reasons. Here they are:

1. Nigeria is a real multicultural society

Have you ever been to a multicultural society? I don’t mean a country that claims to be multicultural. A country that is really multicultural. I know most top cities in the world have people from all over the world living there. That is not what I mean by multicultural. This is because people from other cultures are foreigners and strangers.

In Nigeria, you have natives of diverse cultures in the country. There are three top cultures in the country and hundreds of other cultures. If you explore the country well, you will be amazed at the diversity.

This spreads also to the language. You will surely hear some funny-sounding language. And you should learn a phrase or two when you visit. African languages have some interesting twists to it. There are some things you cannot translate, you just have to give it a broad interpretation. You’d love it if you can understand a few of those phrases.

Nigeria is also the king of slangs. The country has its own perverted form of English called Pidgin English. It is the informal official language of the country.

The British would be jealous when they hear Pidgin. And it is the ideal language for jokes, trust me

You would want to experience that, don’t you?

2. Experience Nigerian music among Nigerians

You may be gone for concerts or shows in another country where a Nigerian artiste performed. If you think that was great, come see them in their very own elements. Actually, you need to.

Just in case you are not familiar with Nigerian music, you should get on YouTube, Spotify or anywhere you can get your music to listen to some of them. Nigerians produce the best danceable music in the world. You can hardly listen without tapping your foot. That is if you are a fun lover.

And if you have never heard of any Nigerian artiste before, let me direct you to one. I am sure you have heard of the song, Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce Knowles. If you love having fun, you must have. If you listen to that song, you would notice that Beyonce didn’t take the first verse. The first verse was taken by a Nigerian artiste. I leave you to embark on the research yourself. Find that one and let that lead you into the myriads of others.

And yes, there are those who do horrible music too. I guess every country has that. You just have to find the good ones. And they are not that hard to find. If you love to go clubbing, you will be surprised about the effect of Nigerian music on your experience. Maybe you have been dancing to it without knowing where it is from.

A Live Afro musical event in Abuja (December 2019) by Salako

And if you prefer music that is more rooted in the history and tradition of Africa, there is enough of that too. As shown just above.

3. Nigerian cuisine is not the best in the world but they will take your tastebud on indescribable journeys

Don’t let the “dirty” look deceive you. This stuff will open a new pathway in your brain. (Photo by shapeupafrican)

There are arguments when it comes to deciding which cuisine is the best in the world. Everybody likes to defend their country. I have not tasted much from other countries but I know that there are pretty awesome cuisines out there.

This is why I won’t BS you that Nigerian cuisine is the best. I will just assume it is not the best. However, they will take your tastebud on journeys that cannot be described. When it comes to food, Africa has its own style. Then Nigeria has its culinary magic.

This is just a glimpse of the lineup. The nearest soup is called white soup; it is beyond what words can explain. (Photo by spiceplatter)

Nigeria has the world-famous Jollof Rice which Nigerians have self-proclaimed as the best ever form of rice that can ever be made. The secret of the food is not in the Jollof itself, it is in who prepared that Jollof for you. There are some amazing people that will make Jollof that will leave a huge smiling grin on your face unconsciously. It’s even better when you least expect it.

Then, there is the real traditional cuisine. There are excellent ones around the country, but the best ones come from the southeastern part of the country. Ask for it. They may taste strange at first, but just allow them to take you on a journey.

These things cannot be explained. You just have to taste it to understand. (Photo by mjscookhouse)

Eating things like that will get you to understand where the African stamina and strength comes from

4. There is no party like a Nigerian party

Scene of a Party (Photo by me. I was sitting at the back 😊)

If you are a fun-loving person and you have not attended any proper Nigerian party (especially wedding ceremony) before, you should before you die. In Nigeria, parties are serious business. Nigerians may be on the verge of being evicted from their homes the next day, but they will still be killing it on the dance floor.

It is not that people don’t get depressed in Nigeria, but the average person would rather enjoy every ounce of enjoyment while it lasts. This is because they know they will suffer the full length of the problem when it comes. Why suffer today for a problem that is coming tomorrow? Why not just enjoy today and suffer tomorrow? That is the way most people think.

My friends in full party mode at a wedding 😁

You need to experience a proper Nigerian party. First, the dressing will blow your mind. Nigerians have lots of amazing fashion styles. You would even be surprised how good you’ll look in some of them. And then Nigerian people love to take things as extravagant as possible.

A proper Nigerian party is not economic in any way. Don’t be deceived though. You might think the celebrants are multimillionaires when you see the party. But no, they are not. They are people who have decided to act super-rich, because why not?

And I must not forget the dance! The party dance!!

Listen, if you attend a Nigerian party and you unashamedly learn the dance steps, your friends won’t recognize you on the dance floor by the time you return to your country

Needless to say, you need to experience one.

5. Relatively cheap expenses for feel-rich convenience

Compared to other places in the world, if you want to look rich and feel rich, it is not so expensive. Some Nigerians have mastered this art. They stay in their own little world for several days and then go out once in a month looking like a multimillionaire. They have learned to live rich with their income.

If you plan a good amount of money for your Nigeria fun trip, you can end up living like a billionaire for most of the trip

The convenience you get with the amount you would think is nothing is incredible. And yes there is Uber (and a competitor called Bolt) to ease your transportation around the notable cities.

Lagos on a cloudy day. Civic towers in the view. And yes, the traffic is just being honest. (Photo by joshkoyajfk)

If this doesn’t sound compelling to you, maybe because you don’t want to feel rich, then I must tell you this quickly. You need the feel-rich experience to enjoy Nigeria. You are a foreigner, you should not face what the everyday person faces in the country. Just trust me on that one.

Take a fun trip to Nigeria because the expenses are way cheaper than other places you are considering.

6. Not only can you get amazing scenery for little or nothing, but you can also buy it if you understand the economic terrain

Nigeria as a country is really poor in tourism. There are so many potential tourist-attracting places that are just forgotten. The government is…well, we will get to that part soon. The places you would find amazing scenery would be spontaneous.

If you want scenery, you have to plan well for it, because then you would have to go outside the cities. Road trips are fun but I won’t recommend it unless you are the fun-crazy type.

A glimpse of what you’ll experience if you decide to go on a road trip. This is in Cross River state. (Photo by joshkoyajfk)

The most interesting part is that you can decide to have a chunk of the tourism potentials if you have good business partners who are of the country. If you don’t have people you have known for a while, that you have done successful deals with, don’t even express interest in getting into the economic terrain. You will lose your money.

But some of those sceneries and locations will sure look very appealing to you if you are a business person. You would have probably seen places that are not as good elsewhere making serious money. But that’s just the way things are. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to pay an exorbitant amount to get to see anywhere. If it is out of the main cities, it is crazy cheap. If it doesn’t sound cheap, ask questions.

7. You are definitely going to be smarter by the time you are on the plane back to your country

I won’t deceive you. Whether you like it or not, you will have one nasty experience. If you take heed to my recommendations, it shouldn’t be more than one or two. There are a thousand things that can go wrong.

You need to know that in Nigeria, anything can go wrong at any time. As in, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. All the things you are used to that you don’t even think about, that works expressly can fail in Nigeria. That is one problem the country has. Interestingly, it could be something you brought from your country that just inhales the air and decides to stop working. Stuff happens. But look on the bright side, it will make you smarter.

I won’t give a list of things that could go wrong. I don’t want you to create a wrong expectation. You just need to be prepared that something will go wrong and you will have to react fast, come up with an alternative, or do something about it. This is the educational part of the trip. It will make you smarter.

I can assure you that your problem-solving skills will go up a notch if you deal with such situations. That is the good part of it. The country is also a good place for a dummy to get smart. But it might be at a great cost.

You can try your best to avoid any unfortunate situation by secluding yourself from a lot of things, but you won’t enjoy the trip that much.

8. The comedy shows are amazing

This is one of the comedy guys. They call him Arole. (Photo by Cool FM 96.9 on Unsplash)

If you are planning a fun trip to Nigeria, you must be in for at least one comedy show. You may be bothered about the fact that the jokes may not sound funny to you. But you can easily hack that by getting on a front seat. Some of them would throw some banter your way.

Asides from the music, the other entertainment part is the comedy shows. Just the way many of them sound should make you (at least) grin. Nigerian comedians don’t get claps by the way. They are either funny or not funny. You either laugh or don’t laugh. You don’t get to clap to encourage them. They are not used to it.

The other attraction is the clubs if you like to go clubbing. However, I must warn you that there are some ultra-wealthy Nigerians. Don’t let the classification of the country as a third-world deceive you. People spend like there is no tomorrow in Nigeria. Don’t try to copy them, just stay in your lane.

If you love to spend in clubs, just make sure you book your return flight before you start spending.

9. Jack Dorsey likes it here. Cardi B enjoyed it

Who are the people that have enjoyed trips to Nigeria? These are two famous names you should know. Jack is the CEO of Twitter. He visited Nigeria in 2019 and so loved it so much that he said he would be coming to spend 3 months in 2020.

As I said, the keyword is ‘fun trip’, not ‘vacation’.

If you are looking for a regular family vacation with shopping and the likes, don’t think of Nigeria. But if you want to have some international fun, the country is down for you

Cardi B was invited to Nigeria based on the fact that she is a musical artist. But she absolutely loved it. But that was because it was a fun-packed trip. If it had been a usual vacation, it wouldn’t have been that fun for her.

This is a secret tip — the best time to take a fun trip to Nigeria is the month of December. But it is also the worst time. That is when the most fun events are scheduled back to back. But it also when most mishaps happen.

However, as long as you have planned your trip with loads of fun events each one happening immediately after the other, you will enjoy any time you take the trip.

10. There is the freedom to have fun to any length

A friend chilling in some cool spot in Lagos Island. (Photo by Kunmi Owopetu)

You know how the government of various countries care about their citizens, such that they make laws that prevent you from harming yourself or killing yourself with fun. The government of Nigeria is quite unique in this respect. The government, kind of, pretend the citizens do not exist, and the citizens do the same of the government.

The government and the citizens live in two different worlds. And when those worlds come together, you really shouldn’t be there. Anyway, my point is that nobody will stop you from having fun to any length that you want. Now, that doesn’t mean you should do something that will get the attention of the government. That would be very foolish. You can enjoy your life to any length without them interrupting in any way.

This has been the most amazing thing foreigners discover when they come to Nigeria. They are amazed at the freedom.

The police are not your friends, by default. But if you know how to speak their language, they can be your best buddies. The average Nigerian has no clue about any laws in the country. As I said, the government and the people live in two different worlds. Yes, people go to jail here but you are more likely to go to jail by a powerful person hating on you than when you have actually broken some sort of law.

Just as an example, if you decide to drive in the country, you should stop at a red light. But don’t expect others to be like you especially at night.

The chances of you getting in trouble with the law in Nigeria is almost zero. Except you do something really really really stupid. Sometimes it is not about what you do but how you process and react to what you did or what just happened. No matter how big or huge you are, do not get into a fight. There is no such thing as a fair fight in Nigeria.

But there is the freedom to do as you please, as long as it is your own life you are toying with. Have fun to any length.

Love boat rides? Then you’ll get a lot of it here. Photo by Michael Okoh | Trojan

Those are my big 10 reasons. But there are a few points to note if you are taking a trip to Nigeria:

  • You have to plan your trip with activities lined up already. You don’t travel down and then begin to look for what to do or where to go. You need to have all the activities lined and loaded up. You should be fully booked for the entire length of your stay and be prepared for the fun.
  • Make your trip as short as possible. You must remember that Nigeria is still a third world country. Short is best so that you will leave with a happy memory. Book your return trip beforehand and don’t let anybody tell you to extend your trip. If it is your first time, a week is just about the best. Anything more than 2 weeks is not recommended. As you make subsequent trips, you can gradually increase your stay.
  • Have a contact person (or better still, a family) in the country. Don’t travel on your own to Nigeria. Don’t try it. You must have a trusted person you know very well to plan your trip with you. You must plan your trip with a fun-loving Nigerian who knows the country quite well to enjoy the trip.

Finally, if you are looking for a family vacation, Nigeria is definitely not the place for you. But if you are looking for your next bomb adventure, you will love Nigeria.


P.S. There is a lot of negative sentiment about Nigeria around the world and most people are pessimistic about the country. Almost everybody who has lived in the country finds it hard to see anything good in it. But I was challenged by a friend to write a compelling case for a foreigner to visit Nigeria. And I think I have done a good job (as a first attempt). Everything mentioned here is as true as I know it. I hope it gets you at least curious.

P.S.S. Special thanks to everyone who helped me with getting good pictures for this article.

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